Shandong Proposes 25 Policies to Boost the Innovative Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Source: 12-12-2023 14:49:37

On the afternoon of November 28, the Information Office of the People's Government of Shandong Province held a press conference. According to it, the Health Care Security Administration of Shandong Province worked with nine other departments including the Shandong Development and Reform Commission to issue the Implementation Opinions on the Green, Low-carbon, and High-quality Development of Medical Security Services this year, proposing 25 supportive policies and measures.

In terms of promoting the innovative development of the pharmaceutical industry, Shandong will make the initial sales online of innovative products by pharmaceutical enterprises through green channels, strengthen intellectual property protection in the field of centralized pharmaceutical procurement, and accelerate the marketing and sales of innovative products by pharmaceutical enterprises; establish a mechanism under which new technologies can be approved in an immediate way, set up price items for pharmaceutical medical services and gradually include them into the medical insurance coverage, and guide clinical rational and safe drug use.

When it comes to promoting the inheritance and innovative development of TCM, Shandong will include eligible TCM decoction pieces, therapeutic preparations of medical institutions and medical service projects, and dominant diseases of TCM into the medical insurance coverage in a timely manner according to relevant regulations.

In terms of optimizing and innovating the business environment, Shandong will streamline the procedures for medical insurance services and talent services under the "investment and talent attraction" program.