Perfect Industrial System

Source: 01-07-2023 10:11:00

The advancement of three industries shoulder by shoulder. Shandong's primary, secondary, and tertiary industries have achieved vigorous development. The gross agriculture output value first exceeding RMB 1 trillion. So far as of October 2022, there were 31,600 large-scale manufacturing enterprises, and 362 national-level companies which used specific technology to produce exclusive products, adopt leading-edge skills for the construction of the fine and efficient management systems, applied unique methods or materials to the production of products with regional features and specific functions, and implemented the innovative technologies to the high-tech products. At the same time, there were 5,777 state-level similar enterprises that achieved great success in their sectors, and 757 smaller enterprises that made the same thing in their respective sectors. The number of those enterprises mentioned above ranked third across China.

A further boost on the replacement of old growth drivers among the new ones. To enhance the “Top 10 Industries”, it is necessary to build Shandong into a province with a powerful and advanced manufacturing industry and achieve new advantages in high-quality development.

As the added value of the “Four New” economy accounts for 31.9% of the total ratio, there are, so far, 200 leading scientific enterprises, 28,000 high-tech companies, and 35,000 medium-and small sized corporations featuring in scientific technologies, all of which have gradually become the abundant resources for venture capital investment, and valuable attraction to the capital market.

To comprehensively improve the traditional industries. Aligning to the high-end, intelligent, and the environmental-friendly principle, it is vital to boost the comprehensive coverage of technical reformation in large-scale industrial enterprises, enhance the support for the transformation of aging industrial cities, and build demonstration areas showing the successful reconstruction and upgrade of traditional industries.

It is also necessary to consolidate the advantage of textile and garment, food, and paper-making industries, and promote structural adjustment and technical innovation in steel-making, chemical engineering, construction materials, nonferrous metals and other relevant industries. By doing so, it enables us to build a world-leading advanced steel and high-end aluminum industry, as well as a modern textile base in light industry and industrial cluster for environment-friendly chemical engineering, which can inject vibrant energy into the traditional industries.


To strengthen research in emerging industries. Aiming to implement the intensive development project of strategic emerging industries, it is required to put emphasis on sectors including the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and materials, modernized marine resource industry, and healthcare including elderly care to creating an innovative industries base with strong core competitiveness.

By laying out future industries in a forward-thinking manner, it is possible to strengthen the construction of demonstration areas involving hydrogen energy and storage system, quantum technology, aerospace informatics, and maglev. The building of platforms such as the Shandong Future Network Research Institute is of great importance to improve innovative breakthroughs and integrated applications. To strengthen the coordination among varying enterprises of different sizes and the coordination of intensive and concentrated development which is needed in the expansion of leading enterprises, so that it may cultivate a number of specialized, refined, unique and innovative enterprises, as well as entities that can achieve successive results for those particular areas.

Focusing on the support for the advancement of the manufacturing industry. To establish full support on promoting the reconstruction of the industrial foundation and accurately improve the weakness in five basic areas, we should focus on making breakthroughs in high in demand sectors, including industrial machinaries, computer chips, and robotics. And we also should expand the advantages in sectors such as power equipment, rail transit equipment, and smart home technologies, so as to accelerate the cultivation of industries like smart technologies, emergency safety, energy conservation, and environmental-related protective works. We need to build a national advanced manufacturing cluster, ensuring a steady growth for the manufacturing industry.

We shall fulfill the project of making innovative breakthroughs in the key industrial chain, further putting the "Chain Chief Mechanism" into practice, and accurately extend, construct, and enhance the chain, so as to achieve the close matching of the upstream and downstream for that operative chain.

We will promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, build service platforms for industrial design, information consultation, inspection and testing, and vigorously develop shared and flexible manufacturing, as well as building construction and similar like industries.

By optimizing the layout of major products, we will convert the cross-regional industrial integration, and roll out a systematic park construction plan so to guide all regions in focusing on major leading industries, and setting up a number of demonstration sites for manufacturing that are equipped in high-quality development.

To cultivate and expand digital growth drivers. With the mission of accelerating the construction of the nation-leading digital infrastructure, we will significantly develop the digital industries, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain. Meanwhile, we shall create an industrial agglomeration park which features advanced computing and virtual reality technologies. By doing so, we can strive to double the added value of the core digital economy in GDP.

To speed up the construction of the Shandong Peninsula National Industrial Internet Demonstration Area, we will implement the project in which the industries in Shandong shall be empowered by digital technologies, construct factories using 5G technology and full-scenario digital economy parks, so as to create a collaborative and symbiotic digital economy innovation ecology.

To turn Shandong into a smart province with powerful digital abilities, we should accelerate the construction of digital government, society, communities as well as smart cities, and promote the full-chain and full-cycle embedded social management services of digital technology.