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Advantages for Development

Jining is a city with most the resources

Jining has more than 25 billion tons of coal reserves, with an annual output of 80 million tons of raw coal, accounting for more than half of Shandong Province. Its rare earth reserves rank second in the country, with an installed power capacity of 12 million kilowatts and an annual power generation of more than 55 billion kWh. Nansi Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Northern China. Jining is a national grain, cotton and oil base and a special agricultural product base. Garlic grown in Jinxiang, rice in Yutai, and fishing lake products in Weishan Lake are all well-known geographical identification brands.

Jining is a city opening to the outside world

There are 450 foreign-invested enterprises in Jining City, 54 world's top 500 companies, including Continental Group, BASF, Siemens, Veolia, ITOCHU, Komatsu Group, Wilmar International, Hong Kong China Resources Group, etc. have settled in Jining.

Jining is a strong city in regional economy

A number of national industrial bases such as coal chemical industry, engineering machinery, biomedicine, and new materials have been built in Jining. Yankuang Group ranks 318th among the world's top 500 companies, and three companies including Sun Paper, Huaqin Rubber Industry Group and Ruyi Group have entered the top 500 Chinese companies. Jining City has 1 national-level high-tech zone and 14 provincial-level economic development zones, with huge investment capacity and strong investment supporting capacity.

Jining is a famous cultural city and transportation hub city

Jining is the hometown of the famous Confucius and Mencius, and an important birthplace of Confucian culture and Chinese civilization, where five great saints such as Confucius, Mencius, Yanzi, Zengzi and Zisizi were born. Qufu and Zoucheng are both national historical and cultural cities, and the "Confucian Mansion, Temple, and Forest" and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal are all world cultural heritages.


Jining is one of the central cities in the Huaihai Economic Zone, located at the golden section point of Beijing and Shanghai. It takes 2 hours take train from the Qufu station to Beijing and 3 hours to Shanghai through Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rails; the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through the whole territory with a shipping capacity of 100 million tons; Jining Airport has direct routes to various major cities.

Key industries

Modern and efficient agriculture

Taking the cultivation and attracting leading agricultural enterprises as the starting point, the "leading enterprise + cooperative society + family farm" model is promoted, to facilitate the integrated development of agriculture and processing industry, logistics, e-commerce, rural tourism and other primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Emphasis are laid upon the construction of 2-3 advantageous industrial clusters in each county and urban area.

Textile and apparel Industry

The leading role of Ruyi Group is strengthened, to support to build a famous leisure clothing manufacturing city in Wenshang, encourage key enterprises to allocate resources globally, and strive to build a global fashion textile manufacturing base.

High-end chemical industry

The chemical industry is one of the pillar industries of Jining City. There are 7 provincial-level chemical parks in the city, which have formed a diversified industrial system integrating coal chemical industry, fine chemical industry, salt chemical industry, and rubber products. In the next step, we will focus on key industries such as coal intensive processing, new salt chemicals, new chemical materials, functional chemicals and functional materials post-processing relying on these 7 provincial-level chemical industrial parks, to achieve mutual cooperative, characteristic, and dislocating development, to build an important domestic high-end chemical industry base.


Medical care and health industry

The accelerated construction of projects such as Ruyi International Health City and Lukang Industrial Park is supported, to strengthen backbone enterprises such as Cisen Pharmaceutical Co., ltd and Guangyutang, and build a four-in-one medical care and health care industry chain of "medicine, health, fitness and wisdom".

Energy saving and environmental protection industry

The emphasis is laid upon the development of industrial chain projects such as prefabricated buildings and solid waste resource utilization, to expand the scale of enterprises such as Rongdu Science and Technology, Yuantai Environmental Protection, Shandong Shuifa Environment Technology Co., Ltd., and Scientific•Green (Shandong) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd and cultivate and develop "green power".

New energy and new materials industry

Emphasis is laid upon breakthroughs in the industrial chain of new energy vehicles, power batteries, graphene, rare earth new materials, etc., to introduce motor and electronic control and other supporting projects relying on BYD, Liancheng, Sacred sun and other companies, and support Liangshan special vehicles and China National Heavy Truck Group Jining Commercial Vehicle Co Ltd, enhance new R&D and production of new energy vehicles to form production capacity of entire vehicle; accelerate the construction of Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd, Yida New Materials, Columbine chemical black pigment and other leading projects, and promote the industrialization of new materials such as carbon fiber and graphene.


High-end equipment manufacturing industry

A high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster dominated by construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, CNC machine tools, special vehicles, automobiles and parts, etc. has been formed. It is one of the pillar industrial clusters in Shandong Province, with 902 enterprises above designated size. In the next step, these industries will be highlighted, to highlight the upstream and downstream coordination of "entire machine + spare parts", increase the localization rate of complete sets of equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, agricultural machinery, etc., and create a new type of manufacturing industry base of national industrialized equipment.

New-generation information technology industry

Jining is an information technology industry base in Shandong Province, a pilot for national smart city, a "" demonstration city, and an application demonstration base of national Beidou industrialization. Jining Big Data Industrial Park is one of the three big data clusters in Shandong Province, with Huawei Big Data Center and so on. In the next step, the development of four high-end industrial clusters: artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, Internet of Things, and Beidou navigation shall be prioritized in Jining city, to develop five emerging industrial clusters of software, big data, industrial Internet, smart cities, and e-commerce, and build the four basic advantage industry clusters of photovoltaic, LED, optical communications and smart terminals.