Profound Cultural Deposits

Source: 01-06-2023 22:36:02

Promote cultural prosperity in a holistic manner. Shandong Province boasts a long history and a rich culture. It is important to uphold socialism, rally public support, foster a new generation with sound values and ethics, develop Chinese culture, and build a positive image of China. We should integrate the basic tenets of Marxism with China’s specific realities and fine traditional culture, encourage creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese culture, and uphold fundamental principles and break new ground in publicity, ideology, and culture, to consolidate a common intellectual foundation for striving in unity.

Build a new hub of moral civilization. The province is working to strengthen education on beliefs and ideals, integrate core socialist values into daily life, promote virtue and healthy lifestyles in the new era, continue to transform social traditions, improve the volunteer service system, so as to enhance the virtue building of Shandong in the new era. The province is working to enhance the building level of civility practice centers in the new era, implement civility creation projects, build more role model prefecture-level cities, select a number of models of the times, moral models, the most virtuous people, virtuous people in Shandong and other models, so as to enhance the overall morality of people in Shandong. The province is working to carry forward the Yimeng Spirit, that is, the unity between the Party and masses, and the connection between the military and the people, and promote the building of revolutionary culture demonstration areas in Yimeng, Jiaodong, and other places, so as to develop the revolutionary nature of Shandong.

Set new model of creative transformation and innovative development for cultural building. The province is working to promote the building of the Nishan World Center for Confucian Studies, to enhance the influence of the Nishan Forum on World Civilizations. The province is working to promote the "Shandong Culture" program and to compile Qilu Library. The province is working to build fine traditional culture inheritance and development areas with high standards in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea area, Qufu, Zibo, Taishan, and Laoshan. The province is moving faster to build a host of new cultural landmarks by developing the Shandong sections of the Great Wall, the Grand Canal, and the Yellow River National Cultural Park. The province is implementing programs to conserve ancient cities, towns, villages, streets, and buildings, and cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage. The province is pursuing new progress in Party history, archives, local history, and other work.


Nurture budding cultural and artistic creators. Following a people-oriented approach, Shandong is promoting the "Qilu Cultural and Artistic Peak" initiative, seeking to nurture more Shandong brands of theater, art, and book, offer more classic works with Shandong features, and foster a galaxy of world-renowned masters. The province is promoting the innovative development of philosophy, society, and science, and the construction of new types of think tanks. The province is promoting cultural programs benefiting the people and building a sound urban and rural cultural service system. The province is encouraging reading among the people and creating academic atmosphere in Shandong. The province is deepening integrated media development and developing new mainstream media. The province is enhancing its international communication capacity and promoting more local cultural brands to go global to tell the stories of China and Shandong in a better way.

Shape new advantages of the cultural tourism industry. The province is working to optimize the layout of functional areas of the cultural industry, and to build a number of high-standard cultural creativity parks, such as Qingdao Film and Television Base and Taishan News Publishing Town, to foster a cluster of advantageous cultural industries worth RMB 100 billion. The province is promoting the "Shandong Craft" project and developing new cultural enterprises, new cultural business forms, and new cultural consumption patterns. The province is implementing the digitization strategy in the cultural industry, to grow digital creativity, network audio-visual, digital publishing, and other industries. The province is seeking the integrated development of culture and tourism and promoting rural tours, healthcare tours, study tours, and smart cultural tourism, to shape the brand of "Friendly Shandong" and build the province into a world-famous cultural tourism destination.