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Development advantage

Traffic hub, key passageway

Zibo is located at the junction of the mountain area of central Shandong and the plain of north Shandong area in the central part of Shandong Province, China. It is a crucial transportation hub city in Shandong Province as well as the key passageway connecting the central plains and Shandong Peninsula, with an area of 5,965 square kilometers.

It is located at intersection of the two major national strategic economic zones including Yellow River Delta High-Efficiency Ecological Economic Zone as well as the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and Shandong Provincial Capital City Cluster Economic Circle. It nears Yimeng Mountain in the south that borders Linyi, nears North China plain in the north that borders Dongying and Binzhou, borders Weifang in the east, borders Jinan, the provincial capital in the west, and nears Taian and Laiwu in the southwest.

Old capital of Qi State, famous city of ceramics

Zibo is the onetime capital of the State of Qi as well as one of the national historical and cultural cities. It is also the origin area of the world soccer with the cultural tradition of “ruled by law, openness, inclusive, business worship and attached great importance to industry”.

As one of China’s earliest pottery production areas as well as one of China’s five largest porcelain capitals, it boasts a ceramic culture of more than 8,000 years and was jointly named “Famous Chinese Ceramics City” by China National Light Industry Council and China Ceramic Industry Association.

Obvious industrial economic advantages

Zibo has been designated as a national pilot for regional agglomeration development of strategic emerging industries and a national pilot for new-type urbanization and included in the comprehensive test zone of replacing traditional driving force with new ones of the province. In addition, Zibo High-tech Zone has been included in the Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.

With industrial foundation and park carrier advantages, Zibo is an important petrochemical, pharmaceutical production base and building material production area throughout the country. 15 key industrial parks have been developed and Zibo bonded logistics center (Type B) has been possessed. At present, the “Zibo” Sino-Europe International Freight Train has been opened.

High-quality business environment and human resources

For the talents and science and technology merits, 10 higher educational institutions, including Shandong University of Technology, a provincial key university, with 132,700 students at school.

For the business environment merits, “city with three most” construction with the fewest administrative examination and approval items, the highest administrative efficiency and the lowest administrative costs are further promoted and the reform of “simplifying administration and delegating power, combining decentralization and management, and optimizing services” is deepened.

Key industries

Electronic information industry

Zibo is a significant electronic information base in north of the Yangtze River, and its smart card packaging and testing industry has the second largest market share in China. Cooperated with Tsinghua University, Zibo has built a MEMS research institute and industrial park. In addition, the domestic first-class MEMS design and manufacturing and Internet of Things application industrial base has been built, and its key enterprises such as Sublime China Information, Henghui Technology, Panjit Semi Conductor, Micro Commercial Components Corporation are very competitive in the domestic market. For the next step, the “Three Chains and One Cluster” is emphatically cultivated. In other words, 3 industry chains including IGBT, MEMS and Internet of Things, smart cards are created and software as well as information service industrial clusters will be built. In the IGBT field, a series of products used in electric vehicles, inverters and other fields are accelerated to be developed, and the IGBT module types are enriched. In the MEMS and Internet of Things field, the packaging and testing of various MEMS is accelerated and the application and supporting projects of new sensors such as MEMS are promoted. In addition, advantageous products such as gyroscopes, accelerators and relays are emphatically developed. In the smart card field, the core general chip products are actively tackled and breakthroughs are made to develop the high-performance integrated circuit industry. With introduction of 8-inch and 12-inch wafer manufacturing production lines, efforts are made to advance the industrialization of a batch of advanced wafer manufacturing technologies and expand the production scale of IC card packaging carrier bands. In the software and information service field, new forms of information services driven by cutting-edge technologies are actively explored, the development, promotion and application of industry solutions in emerging fields are accelerated to create a significant electronic information industry highland in the province.

New medicines

Zibo is the largest pharmaceutical industry base in Shandong Province with economic scale and comprehensive strength continually ranking the first in Shandong Province. A complete industrial system including chemical raw materials and preparations, Chinese patent medicines, medical devices and consumables, pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical excipients and pharmaceutical intermediates has been formed. In addition, a number of well-known national pharmaceutical companies such as Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Shinva Medical Instrument, Reyoung Pharm and Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical have emerged, and 4 companies have been selected as the top 100 pharmaceutical industries in China. It is focused on the cultivation and development of the three major industrial clusters including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials and pharmaceutical excipients. In the pharmaceutical field, the development of characteristic, high-value-added chemical innovative medicine and high-end pharmaceutical supporting intermediates is accelerated, the industry chain of superior medicine such as cephalosporin, antipyretic and analgesic is strengthened, the Chinese Medicine prevention and treatment, new medicine development as well as the secondary development of Chinese Medicine are reinforced and an RMB 80 billion-level pharmaceutical industry cluster is created. In the medical equipment and pharmaceutical equipment field, the research and development of high-end imaging medical equipment is accelerated, new products such as radiotherapy, in vitro diagnostics, dialysis equipment, biological materials are developed and a RMB 30 billion-level medical equipment and pharmaceutical equipment industrial cluster is created. In the pharmaceutical packaging material and pharmaceutical excipient field, new high-end pharmaceutical excipients such as enteric-coated capsules are vigorously developed, the industrialization of multi-specification prefilled syringe products is promoted and a RMB 20 billion-level pharmaceutical packaging material and pharmaceutical excipient industrial cluster is created to build a leading domestic biopharmaceutical, high-performance medical equipment and pharmaceutical equipment industrial base.

Intelligent equipment

As a vital manufacturing base of electromechanical equipment in the country, Zibo boasts tens of thousands of product specifications. With strong competitiveness in the fields of electromechanics and pumps, precision manufacturing, special accessories, Zibo is the pump industry base of the National Torch Plan as well as the Pump Industry City in China with a national pump product quality inspection center; in addition, it owns a number of superior products such as Citizen ultra-precision machine tools and Zibo diesel high-power engines. In the new energy vehicles and parts field, the medium and high-end pure electric passenger vehicles, high-end trucks, smart logistics vehicles and other complete vehicle products, as well as core parts such as hydrogen fuel cells, lithium-ion power batteries and battery management control systems are emphatically developed to create a RMB 100 billion-level vehicles and parts industrial cluster. In the intelligent complete equipment field, industrial robots, service robots, special robots and complete petrochemical equipment are emphatically developed, the intelligent and efficient equipment such as the high-end intelligent tractors is developed to create a RMB 50 billion-level high-efficiency motor pump industrial cluster as well as a RMB 20 billion-level specialized equipment industrial cluster.

New materials

As a well-known chemical industry base in the country, Zibo is the second-largest building ceramics producing area of the country, the third-largest refractory material production base of the country, the only rare earth separation processing base in Shandong Province as well as the national pilot city for the development of the new functional ceramic materials industry, which boasts favorable foundation for strengthening the new material industry. For the next step, the three major areas of “advanced polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and special metal new materials” are emphatically developed. In addition, the cutting-edge new materials such as high-performance carbon fiber, grapheme, bio-based materials, superconducting materials, quantum materials, 3D printing basic materials are arranged ahead of schedule. Firstly, polymer materials such as polyolefin, fluorosilicone materials, polyamides, polyurethanes are expanded and strengthened based on chemical parks such as Qilu Chemical Zone, Dongyue Economic Development Zone, Maqiao Chemical Industrial Park to create a RMB 60 billion-level fluorosilicon material industrial cluster, a RMB 30 billion-level polyurethane industrial cluster as well as a RMB 20 billion-level polyamide industrial cluster. Secondly, the development of inorganic non-metallic materials such as functional ceramics, new refractory materials and functional glass, etc. are accelerated to create a RMB 60 billion-level advanced ceramic industry cluster. Thirdly, the development of high-performance metal materials such as new aluminum-based materials and new rare-earth materials is promoted based on Qilu China Aluminum Industrial Park and Qilu Chemical Zone to create a RMB 10 billion-level aluminum-based new material industrial cluster and build a domestic first-class new material industrial base as well as an internationally leading new material research and development and industrialization center.