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Advantages for Development


Liaocheng is located in the west of Shandong Province, covering an area of 8,715km2 and with a population of 6.45 million. It has jurisdiction over 8 counties (cities, districts), 1 national-level economic and technological development zone, 1 high-tech industrial development zone and 1 resort area. Known as the "Jiangbei Water City•Ancient Canal City", Liaocheng has many state-level businesses cards such as a national historical and cultural city, an excellent tourist city in China, a national sanitary city, and a forest city.

The largest water city in the north

Liaocheng is a national historical and cultural city with profound cultural heritage. Liaocheng is an excellent beautiful water city.

Dongchang Lake, the largest urban lake in northern China is located there. It is of the unique urban style combining the city and water.

The high-tech industries are developing rapidly.

In-depth implementation of major new and old kinetic energy conversion projects to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. The high-tech industry is developing rapidly.

The application and innovation of new technologies are increasingly active. A management platform for a smart chemical park is under construction.

A strategy overlaying area is developed

Liaocheng City is the overlaying area of the development strategy of the state and Shandong Province. Liaocheng has a population of 200 million and has a vast market.

Liaocheng is an important transportation hub city in northern China.

Liaocheng is forming a convenient and efficient three-dimensional transportation system.

The scale of capital ranks in the forefront of the province

The "several certificates into one" reform is implemented for 31 certificates. "Internet + government services" ranks in the forefront of the province. The first batch of new rural cooperative finance pilot projects are fully covered in the province for the first time. The scale of capital ranks in the forefront of the province.

Key industries

(I) High-end equipment manufacturing cluster

1. Agricultural equipment industry. Shifeng Group, Ruize Zhonggong, Lianyi Heavy Industry Agricultural Equipment, etc. are the leading enterprises in the same industry in China. The key products are high-horsepower tractors, plant protection machinery, corn harvesters, rice harvesters, cotton harvesters and other new agricultural equipment.

2. Intelligent equipment industry. Nobot Intelligent Equipment, Xintai Machine Tool, Zhongyu Aviation, Rhino Heavy Industry, Tiangong Geotechnical, Rifa Textile Machinery and other enterprises are located there. The key products are industrial robots, agricultural plant protection drones, complete sets of mechanical equipment for engineering, textile and other industries.

3. Key part industry of equipment. There are 74 enterprises above state designated scale and more than 2,200 registered bearing production and processing enterprises. They can produce 11 categories and more than 5,000 kinds of products, including categories 0-9 and non-standard bearings, which are exported to Europe, the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Yandian Town, Linqing City is one of the five industrial clusters with the most complete, most functional, and most active bearing industry chain in the country. Zhengjia Town, Dongchangfu District has the largest scale, the best quality and the highest market share. Dong'e County is China's largest steel ball production base, with more than 30 steel ball enterprises. The development advantages of specialization, refinement, specialty and innovation of bearing enterprises have become increasingly prominent, and many industry leaders and market segment champions have emerged.

(II) New energy automobile industry cluster

There are 7 new energy automobile enterprises above state designated scale and 2 national-level enterprise technology centers in the city. Industry enterprises have hosted or participated in the formulation of more than 60 national standards, and the annual energy-saving new energy vehicle production capacity reached 30,000 buses.

1. Complete new energy vehicles. Zhongtong Bus has the complete manufacturing technology of the Dutch BOVA Company and an internationally advanced production line. It has an annual energy-saving and new energy production capacity of 30,000 buses; it has independently developed a series of bus products leading the domestic industry, covering 12 series and 273 varieties of various categories and grades of vehicles, including highway passenger vehicles, urban buses, tourist buses, and special school buses for primary and secondary schools ranging from 5.5m to 18m, with strong market competitiveness and a stable market share in a second place in the industry. Shifeng Group has established four advanced production lines for stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. It has built an industry-leading vehicle inspection line, test field and R&D test center, forming a production capacity of 10,000 of pure electric van logistics vehicles. Zhongtong New Energy Co., Ltd. actively implements new energy R&D and product switching of sanitation vehicles based on the existing production capacity of 6,000 sanitation vehicles, with focus on people's livelihood projects and the improvement of the urban environment.

2. Key components. The products of Shandong Tongyang, Xinliliang, Oneworld and other enterprises have reached the international advanced level in key systems such as power batteries, drive motors, motor controllers and wheel hub motors, and have strong supporting capabilities for the new energy automobile industry.

(III) Medical care and health industry cluster

Liaocheng is one of the first provincial-level regional medical centers in Shandong Province. It is rich in hot spring resources. The underground hot spring area accounts for more than 60% of the total area of the city; it has a pharmaceutical industry system dominated by Chinese patent medicine, and supplemented by chemicals, biological preparations, and medical devices.

1. Biopharmaceutical industry. It owns leading companies such as Angde Biotech, Boaoke Biotech, Reprobiotech and Dingma Biology, focusing on the production of products in the fields of recombinant protein, precision medicine, reproductive health, and anticoagulant factors.

2. Chinese medicine industry. Dong'e Ejiao Group is the largest donkey-hide gelatin manufacturer in China. The Ejiao Biological Technology Park is constructed in accordance with the standards of a world-class healthy and characteristic industrial tourism industrial park. It is a leading modern Chinese medicine, biological medicine, and health product production base in low-carbon, green, energy-saving, environmental protection, micro-emission and automation fields.

3. Chemical medicine industry. Hualu Pharmaceutical, Shandong Chuancheng Pharmaceutical and other enterprises focus on the development of new dosage forms and new products such as infusion injections and targeted drug delivery.

4. Medical device industry. Enterprises such as Yiemed Medical, Aurora Healthcare, and E-hua Medical focus on the development and production of artificial joint gaskets, body sound patches, wearable smart medical equipment and other products.

5. Industry of combination of medical treatment and endowment. Liaocheng is a provincial-level regional medical center, with abundant health-preserving resources such as hot spring recuperation, donkey-hide gelatin health care and Buddhist chant music, achieving integrated development of medical care, endowment, sports, and tourism. Tourism Demonstration Base. Support social forces to set up institutions of combination of medical treatment and endowment, and encourage qualified medical institutions to extend services such as elderly care, rehabilitation, and health preservation. Vigorously develop "Internet + medical" and health big data, and actively develop online services and remote diagnosis and treatment services of family doctors.

(IV) New material industry cluster

The city has 62 new material enterprises above state designated scale, 1 national engineering laboratory, 12 provincial engineering laboratories, enterprise technology centers, and engineering research centers. The optical fiber preforms, Nd-Fe-B magnet, high-purity alumina and related products are developed well.

1. New metal materials. Xinfa Group, Xiangguang Copper, Cnmc Albetter, Shangda Rare Earth, Guanzhou Group and other enterprises focus on the production and development of high-performance copper alloys, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, copper foils, aluminum foils, Nd-Fe-B magnets, and high purity alumina powder and other high-tech products, creating high-level Xinfa High-tech Materials Industrial Park, Cnmc Albetter Nonferrous Metals Industrial Park and other parks.

2. New chemical materials. Luxi Group has a national-level enterprise technology center laboratory, focusing on the development of high-tech products such as polycarbonate, nylon 66, MDI, TDI, and fluorine materials. It supports the construction of China's New Chemical Materials (Liaocheng) Industrial Park at a high level.

3. New materials for semiconductors and communications. Enterprises such as Yanggu Cable Group, Chiping Guohong Zhonghuan, and Guanxian Hengtong Crystal focus on the development of high-tech products such as optical fiber cables, optical fiber preforms, silicon carbide crystals, and sapphire crystals.

(V) Non-ferrous metal and metal deep processing industry cluster

Chiping District of Liaocheng City is the country's largest aluminum power production base, rich in electricity, aluminum, alumina and steam resources. Liaocheng is the largest copper production and deep processing base in Jiangbei, China, and an important domestic production base for electrolytic copper, copper tubes, and copper alloy strips. Liaocheng is also the largest steel pipe distribution base in northern China, and its steel products such as cold-rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, and color-coated sheets are sold all over the world.

1. Aluminum processing. With Xinfa Group and other enterprises as the leader, a 100-billion-level Xinfa high-tech material industrial park has been built to attract and gather downstream enterprises, and extend and expand the aluminum deep processing industry chain such as aluminum for transportation, aluminum for construction, high-purity aluminum, and secondary aluminum recycling. The high-precision aluminum sheet, strip and foil, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, aluminum profiles, aluminum-plastic panels and PS panels in the printing field are vigorously developed, creating a world-class aluminum processing industrial base.

2. Copper processing. With Xiangguang Copper, Cnmc Albetter and other enterprises as the leader, the copper deep processing industrial chain such as wire and cable, electronic information, and special composite pipes is optimized, high-speed train contact copper wire, high-purity and ultra-high-purity oxygen-free copper, high-strength and high-conductivity copper alloys, high-efficiency heat exchange air-conditioning copper pipes and other high-end products are vigorously developed, and the construction of the 100-billion-level Xiangguang Eco-Industrial Park and the Cnmc Albetter Nonferrous Metals Industrial Park is accelerated to create a world-class copper processing industry base.

3. Steel processing. With Guanzhou Co., Ltd., Huitong Steel Pipe, Xinpengyuan and other enterprises as the leader, the industrial chain is integrated and upgraded, and high-end steel plates and composite pipes, nuclear power pipes, etc., such as solar panels, elevator panels, printing panels, home appliance panels, automotive panels, as well as high value-added steel pipe products such as oil well pipes are vigorously developed, creating a well-known processing base for fine board materials and high-quality pipes in the country.

(VI) Green chemical industry cluster

Liaocheng has three major chemical parks: China's New Chemical Materials (Liaocheng) Industrial Park, Shen County Modern Industrial Park, and Chiping Chemical Industrial Park. Adhering to the high-end and green development direction, Liaocheng creates the green chemical industry, such as cluster coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, petrochemical industry, fertilizer and fluorine chemical industry, as well as silicon chemical industry.

1. Coal chemical industry. With the resources of phosgene point in China's New Chemical Materials (Liaocheng) Industrial Park, it actively promotes the horizontal coupling and related development of coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, petrochemical industry, and fluorosilicone chemical industry, extends and expands downstream intensive processing, expands the scale of fine chemical products such as caprolactam·nylon 6, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyhydric alcohols, silicone rubber, silicone resin, and polyketone resin, and focuses on the construction of China's New Chemical Materials (Liaocheng) Industrial Park, creating a leading domestic coal chemical industry base.

2. Salt chemical industry. It supports the Shen County Modern Industrial Park and the Chiping Chemical Industrial Park, giving full play to the advantages of salt mineral resources and existing products, and developing high value-added products.

3. Fine chemical industry. Shifeng Group, Huatai Chemical, Aocter Chemical, Tranlin Jiayou and other enterprises focus on the R&D and production of giant engineering radial tires, high-performance green composite rubber additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, bio-fulvic acid and other products to create an important production base for industry products.

(IV) Textile and apparel industry cluster

Liaocheng is a major textile and garment city. It has a textile industry system with complete categories and industrial chain including cotton textiles, yarn-dyed textiles, printing and dyeing, wool textiles, knitting, clothing, home textiles, industrial use, textile machinery and equipment. The annual production of yarn is 1.3969 million tons, and that of cloth is 1.226 billion meters. The product sales areas include civilian, military, medical, industrial and other fields.

1. Textile industry. The spinning capacity is 6.8 million spindles; there are 84,700 rotor spinning frames and 77,800 looms of various types. The annual output of woolen fabrics is 10 million meters and that of printed and dyed fabrics is 650 million meters. It focuses on supporting textile enterprises in adapting to the needs of high-end fields such as transportation, construction, environmental protection, medical industry and health, developing and applying new materials and industrial chains.

2. Clothing and home textile industry. Kingshore Hometextile Group, Sanwa Group and other enterprises have high-end bedding products; Shengshilong Clothing, Henbol Clothing, Linqing Warm Channel Clothing, Xiaobeke Clothing and other enterprises have clothing products of well-known brands.

(VIII) Cultural tourism industry cluster

Liaocheng has rich tourism resources of diverse combinations, with high endowments. After summarizing the most prominent features of natural resources and human resources, it can be summarized as: "Rivers, lakes, springs, fields, forests, cities, towns, towers, buildings and villages".

1. Remarkable characteristics of natural resources-"Rivers, lakes, springs, fields and forests". Rivers: Two famous rivers coexist as the canal and the Yellow River flow in Liaocheng at the same time; Lakes: Dongchang Lake, the largest urban lake in northern China located in the urban area; Springs: Liaocheng is known as the hometown of hot springs in China; Fields: There are 3 provincial-level leisure agriculture demonstration sites and three leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites in Shandong. The agricultural resources are extended to "pastoral" tourism resources; Forests: Liaocheng is a national forest city.

2. Rich endowments of human resources-"cities, towns, towers, buildings and villages". Cities: Liaocheng is a famous historical and cultural city. "There is water in the city, there is a city in the water, the city and the lake are combined, and the river and lake correspond to each other". Towns: There are millennial ancient towns like Zhangqiu Town, Qiji Ancient Town, Zhoudian Town, and Acheng Town. Towers: Linqing Sheli Pagoda is a national key cultural relics protection unit, and Liaocheng Iron Tower is of high artistic value; Buildings: Guangyue Tower, a national key cultural relics protection unit, is one of the top ten famous buildings in China, and the story of the Lion Chamber in Yanggu County is also widely known; Villages: The folk customs of villages are wonderful and world-famous, such as wood carving, paper-cutting, Langzhuang dough modelling, carving gourd, Liaocheng writing brush, Yanggu mud whistle and so on.

Liaocheng adheres to the concept of global tourism development, highlights the characteristics of global water city, canal culture, and health resorts, accelerates the transformation and upgrading of cultural tourism and quality improvement, cultivates and strengthens cultural tourism industry clusters, creating distinctive ecological leisure tourism destination cities.

(IX) Modern and efficient agricultural industry cluster

Liaocheng is the main supply base for high-quality grains, melons, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, eggs, milk and other "vegetable basket" products. Liaocheng has ranked first in the number of new green foods and growth rates among prefecture-level cities in the country for many years, creating regional brand of "Liaocheng·Better" agricultural products.

1. Fine grain and oil industry. Liaocheng is an important grain production area in the province and a national high-quality wheat production base. Its grain area, output, and commodity volume all account for one-tenth of that of the province. It is one of the five cities in the province with grain output exceeding ten billion kilogram, forming a regional characteristic grain and oil production and processing industrial pattern with grain and oils as the mainstay.

2. Green vegetable industry. Liaocheng is a major vegetable production city. The production and output value of melons, vegetables and mushrooms rank among the top in the country, so it is named "China's No. 1 Vegetable City".

3. Ecological forest and fruit industry. The city has now formed eight characteristic economic forest industrial zones, and high-quality pears, large cherries, grapes and berries, round bell jujubes and other products are well-known throughout the country.

4. Healthy livestock and poultry industry. Liaocheng is a large traditional livestock and poultry breeding city, with six leading industries of black donkey, broiler, meat duck, live pig, western Shandong scapegoat and rabbit with great local characteristics and market scale.

5. Characteristic aquatic industry. Liaocheng has formed a fisheries and aquaculture industrial cluster featuring the three leading industries of soft-shelled turtle, cyprinus carpio and koi fish.

In accordance with the requirements of regionalization, specialization, and scale, Liaocheng's agriculture follows the path of leading the base and increasing benefits with scale, promoting the linkage of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and implementing regional layout, professional production, social services, and corporate management, so as to realize the integration of planting, raising, production, supply and marketing, agriculture, industry and trade, and build five modern high-efficiency agricultural industrial clusters in the city, including high-quality grains and oils, green vegetables, ecological forests and fruits, healthy livestock and poultry, and characteristic aquatic products.