Abundant Human Resource

Source: 01-07-2023 09:17:24

Shandong Province is rich in labor resources: from January to October 2022, the province created 1.064 million new jobs in urban areas, maintaining a basically stable employment situation.

Integrate into the national talent development strategy layout and build a "2+N" human resource development pattern with Shandong characteristics.

Shandong boasts a strong economy, population, and human resources. Its two sub-provincial cities, Jinan and Qingdao, are rich in scientific and educational resources and have a solid industrial base, while the other 14 cities also show unique characteristics in their development. The province will encourage all its cities to leverage their advantages and amplify their comparative advantages by following the principle of "Building national human resource platforms in Jinan and Qingdao and integrating into the national human resource development layout for the new era". "With each city relying on their development zones, free trade zones, and other functional zones, efforts shall be made to build distinctive human resource gathering hubs", to form a "2+N" human resource gathering pattern and enhance the province's human resource gathering capacity. During the process, these cities will be encouraged to better play their role as the main actors and strengthen the overall allocation of provincial and municipal resources. With comprehensive pilots of talent development policy reform as the main drivers, a host of reform matters will be put under trials to encourage the launch of more reform initiatives and realize localized, featured development.

Shape a first-tier talent pool and encourage the emergence of talented people.

Greater efforts for talent introduction. The province has launched the "Overseas Talent Gathering Initiative" and the "Qilu Entrepreneurship Program for 10,000 PhDs, 100,000 Masters, and 1 Million College Students", aiming to nurture 7,000 figures with important influence during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and gather 4 million college graduates.

Optimize supporting policies. The province has issued more targeted policies for different fields. For top professionals, the province is combining a "One Project One Discussion" approach and "Peak Building Plan" to offer targeted support, with strategic scientists directly coordinated by the provincial committee; leading figures are being reserved for the "Qilu Talent Project" and receive major support from the "Taishan Talent Project", to realize relay and tiered support; young professionals can receive stable support from a dedicated program for basic research. The province has established the "Shandong Postdoctoral Science Foundation" to enhance the ratio of support to youth in various talent projects and sci-tech programs. By building an all-around support system, personnel of various levels and types can receive support and achieve rapid development in Shandong.

Deepen talent reform. The province is exploring the building of a "negative list" management system for research funding and implementing the "overall rationing system" for research funding of major provincial-level talent projects, and instituting the "Competition for Critical Projects", "Technical Master System", and "Horse Racing System" for major sci-tech projects and key core technologies, to offer full autonomy to talented people. The province has been pushing forward talent reform and combing the list of matters for which the authority should be delegated, and conducting special assessments and permanent monitoring over the use of authority over employers, to ensure that talented people can fully enjoy the dividends of reform.

Build a first-class talent carrier platform to enhance the capacity of talent platforms.


Strengthen external empowerment. The province has developed category-based "policy packages" and is promoting the building of high-caliber talent platforms as soon as possible by means of talent project quotas, independent selection and identification, and special funding support from provincial sci-tech innovation development funds. The province is accelerating the building of high-level universities and disciplines, to build about 15 high-quality universities and 50 influential high-level disciplines in China; accelerating the creation of national laboratories in the field of marine, to build about 100 national innovation platforms; creating 400 national specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative "little giant" enterprises during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, doubling the number of high-tech enterprises, and cultivating a number of innovative leading enterprises with a global voice.

Stimulate internal motivation. The province is deeply implementing talent work projects of the province-owned universities, research institutes, and secretaries of Party committees of state-owned enterprises, and strengthening the talent work promotion mechanism of "leading officials taking charge of problem-solving". The province is using the level of talent concentration, personnel training quality, and talent development effectiveness as the key factors to assess the performance of universities, institutes, and state-owned enterprises, strengthen the awareness of talent development on the platforms, and strengthen the actions of attracting and nurturing talented people.

Create a first-class talent development ecosystem and the best talent ecosystem for industry, market, rule of law and culture.

Enhance guarantee for innovation and entrepreneurship. The province is pushing provincial undergraduate universities and research institutes to set up in-house institutions for technology transfer and accelerating the building of a team of technology brokers in the province, to allow smoother connection of human resources, technology, and market. The province is enriching and optimizing "talent investment", "talent loan", "talent insurance", "talent board" and other financial products for talented people, providing a full cycle of services from project incubation, to fundraising, and then listing.

Offer better services to talented people. The province is implementing a talent housing project to add to the current supply capacity of 230,000 units of housing. The province is building an online "one-stop" talent service platform to sort out and package all kinds of policies and convenient services, to offer targeted services to talented people. The province is supporting the accelerated development of talent groups, cultivating and growing talent service alliances, and fostering a number of social service institutions that can provide a "package" of talent services to the market. The province is expanding the scope of the "Shandong Talent Card" service to talented people outside the province, and no matter where the experts are, they can enjoy convenient services such as transportation and travel when they come to Shandong.

Enhance the cultural quality of cities. Shandong will prompt cities to make human resource work a key part of their city spirit and create talent-friendly cities. The province will accelerate the planning and building of international talent communities and hold talent festivals, talent weeks, talent summits and other special events to gather outstanding individuals from all over the world.