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Advantage of city

Rich in mineral resources, and extending in all directions, it is located in the middle of the two major economic regions of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta.

With outstanding industry and solid foundation, Tai'an strives to implement the strategy of "Developing the City through Industry", highlighting the development of the ten major industrial clusters.

The city gathers a large number of merchants and a galaxy of talents. With beautiful ecology and pleasant environment, the air quality of this city is among the highest in the inland cities throughout the province.

Taishan is rich in cultural resources, with good reputation of "the Head of the Five Mountains" and "the Highest Peak in the World"


Key industries

Textile and garment

There are 148 large-scaled enterprises. The "Digital Automatic Dyeing Packaged Technology and Equipment for Cheese" independently developed by Companion Group won the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress and China Industry Award. Hismer has high-performance chitosan fiber with independent intellectual property rights, filling the gap of international anti-bacterial fabric application materials. In the next step, it will take smart manufacturing, model innovation, and new textile materials as the industry development direction, introducing the supporting production projects of high-level garment processing, further improving the industrial chain, and thereby building a comprehensive textile and garment industry cluster with distinctive features and outstanding competitiveness.

Modern and efficient agriculture

Tai'an is an important production base of grain and oil, fruits and vegetables, livestock, poultry and organic green food in Shandong Province and even throughout the country, with special forestry and fruits, seedlings and flowers and dairy farming ranking in the forefront of the province. The city has 320 large-scaled agricultural leading enterprises and 76 provincial agricultural standardization bases, and Mengniu, Wens, Yike, Liuhe, Beijing Xinnongchuang, Guangdong Lingnan and other national famous agricultural leading enterprises have settled in Tai'an successively. In the next step, Tai'an will accelerate the construction of national and provincial modern agricultural industrial parks and modern agricultural demonstration plots, stabilize grain and oil production, strengthen the top ten competitive industries, such as organic vegetables, ecological dairy, Taishan tea and seedlings and flowers, promote the deep integrative development of industry; agriculture and the service sectors, build a number of distinctive and industry-rich demonstration plots with whole industry chains, and create a model of rural revitalization in Shandong.


Modern logistics

At present, there are 93 large-scaled modern logistics enterprises. "Taishan Steel Market" is the largest steel wholesale market in the area north of the Yangtze River, and the Yuehua Energy multimodal transportation project is included in the demonstration project of the Ministry of Transportation; and Fengsong Technology is the first batch of "Non-Truck Operating Common Carrier" pilot throughout the country. In the next step, centered on  the advantageous logistics industrial park, it will focus on building a modern smart logistics service system based on the online public logistics information platform and the offline logistics infrastructure network through the coordinated development of manufacturing logistics, cold chain logistics, e-commerce logistics, multimodal transportation, bonded logistics and high-speed rail logistics, to build a 100 billion logistics industry cluster, and thereby promoting the city construction to be a regionally important logistics hub city.

Cultural Tourism

In 2019, the city entertained 84.73 million domestic and foreign tourists, with total tourism consumption of RMB 90.5 billion. In the next step, centered on Taishan World Nature and Culture Heritage and under the guidance of the cultural tourism destination brand of "Chinese Taishan·The World's Tai'an", the city will focus on creating three major cultural tourism areas: Taishan, Dawenkou, Dongping Water Margin Canal, focus on developing Taishan Bixia Lake, CITIC Shaanxi Tourism "Tai'an Xiudu" and other 10 cultural tourism boutique projects, build a new pattern of the development of all-for-one tourism, and create a national quality cultural tourism model area.

Medical treatment and health

Tai'an has a unique resource endowment for developing medical care and health industry. With beautiful ecological environment and the forest coverage rate of 39.5%, the city has 4 "Chinese Forest Oxygen Bars", and 3 national wetland parks, with excellent air quality. With abundant medical resources, the city has 7 Class III Grade A hospitals and 3 medical colleges and universities, and the "WeDoctor" Internet medical project has settled in Tai'an. There are domestic famous pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, such as China Biologic, Jingwei Pharmaceutical and Kingtong Biotechnology; and a number of special health care projects, such as Taishan Medical and Health Center, Norai Health Medical and Health Care Industrial Base, and Shandong Merchant World are speeding up the construction. In the next step, the city will take the construction of "Healthy Tai'an" as the goal, actively attract and nurture leading enterprises, plan and build the eastern medical and health care industry base of Taishan and the southern bio-pharmaceutical industry cluster, make every effort to create the medical and health care industry chain of biomedicine, medical and health care and  services for the aged throughout the life circle, and cultivate to form the internationally renowned medical and recreational brand of "Retirement in Tai'an - Health in Tai'an".

New energy and energy conservation and environmental protection

The city has 99 large-scaled new energy enterprises currently. Lithium electrochemical energy storage is in the leading domestic level, and is a domestic important lithium-ion battery material production base, which has developed a complete industrial chain from cathode materials to finished batteries. In the next step, the city will focus on building a national advanced new energy equipment manufacturing and smart grid equipment industry cluster, make every effort to create a complete energy storage industry chain, advance the layout of the hydrogen energy industry, speed up the development of the new environmental protection industry with focus on clean and efficient utilization of coal, and build Tai'an into a new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection industry application base that integrates research and development, production, supply and demonstration.

New materials

With 225 large-scaled enterprises, products mainly include new building materials, high-performance fibers, special and functional metallic materials. It is a special industrial base of non-metallic materials under the State Torch Plan. Taishan Glass Fiber is the second largest glass fiber manufacturing enterprise in China and the top three in the world, with 45% of the domestic market share of high-strength and high-modulus glass fibers; and Taishan Gypsum is the largest paper-faced gypsum board manufacturing enterprise in China. The construction of a number of projects, such as Zhengwei New Materials, Huaneng Optical Fiber Preform, China-Israel Carbon Fiber Industrial Park and 10,000-ton aramid, is speeding up to fall to the ground. In the next step, Tai'an City will focus on building the chain, complementing the chain and strengthening the chain, strengthen high-performance fiber and new construction material industries, enlarge new geotechnical material and advanced textile material industries, cultivate optical communication material, rare earth permanent magnet material and lithium new materials industry, build four major industrial clusters, such as high-performance fibers, new construction materials, new energy materials and optical communication materials, and strive to create "National New Material Township" with strong influence.

Next-generation information technology

It has 78 large-scaled enterprises, such as Shandong Langchao Cheeloosoft Co. Ltd., DHC Software Co.,Ltd., and Taiying Technology. In the past two years, the "Taishan office" R & D team led by the academician, Ni Guangnan, the cloud and sky space security workstation of the academician, Shen Changxiang, Huawei's "urban industry cloud" and Jucheng Tai'an Industrial Park and other have been introduced, such as "high-grade  precision and advanced" information technology industry projects have been introduced. In the next step, by relying on the undertake place of shifting for Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai industries, Jinan Enclave Economy coordinated development place and other regional advantages, the city will accelerate the expansion and multiplication of a new generation of information technology industry, and build 3-4 highly competitive industrial clusters with outstanding characteristic advantages in the application electronics, big data, big video, high-end software, independent security products and other fields to become a new engine to drive economic growth.


High-end equipment and smart manufacturing

There are 228 large-scaled enterprises, mainly involved in power transmission and transformation equipment, automobile and parts, construction machinery, mining machinery and other industries, which is the special industrial base for Tai'an power transmission and transformation equipment in the State Torch Plan, and the high-tech industrialization base for national mining equipment. A number of enterprises, such as Taikai Group, Shandong Energy Heavy Equipment, and Aerospace Special Vehicle, lead the country. In the next step, by focusing on six areas: high-end power transmission and transformation equipment, high-end mining equipment, new energy automobiles and parts, intelligent special equipment, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, artificial intelligence, the city will put forth effort to cultivate two national industrial clusters: power transmission and transformation equipment, and mining equipment, to build a leader in the innovative development of equipment manufacturing industry in Shandong Province and a Strong City of national high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing.

High-end chemical

By relying on rich mineral resources, such as coal, gypsum and rock salt, a high-end chemical industrial cluster has been formed with coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, fine chemical industry and new chemical materials remaining dominant, which is represented by Ruixing Group, CHILWEE Power, Acid and Jinmei Mingshengda and other key enterprises, with 95 large-scaled enterprises. In the next step, by aiming to create a perfect chemical industry chain, and relying on four major chemical parks, the city will increase efforts to attract investment, eliminate excess production capacity, introduce environmentally-friendly energy-saving and technologically advanced high-end chemical products, make agricultural chemicals stronger, make fine chemicals bigger, make salt chemicals more refined, and make ecological chemicals more optimized to create a modern chemical industry pattern.