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Development Advantage:

Superior Location and Natural Advantage

·Weihai is a seaside city at the easternmost end of Shandong with a coastline of 985.9 kilometers, and the nearest city to South Korea in China.

·Weihai has beautiful natural scenery in the pleasant climate and environment. Regulated by the sea, it has mild climate and distinct seasons.

·The air quality here is excellent, the green coverage rate of municipal products is high. It is one of the areas with the best air quality and sea water quality in China.

·It has a unique landscape, "The sea in the city, the city in the mountain, the building in the forest and the person in the green".

A Tourist City with Long History

·Emperor Qin and Emperor Hanwu both toured here, leaving many cultural relics, which makes Weihai a blessing city for the past thousands of years.

·Weihai is a famous seaside resort and hot spring village in China, with beautiful seaside natural scenery.

Weihai has many international competitions and sports renowned overseas. Weihai Point Hotel & Golf Resort is known as the "First Seascape Course in North China"

Transportation All Together

·Aviation. It is convenient to fly directly or transfer to major cities in China and all over the world.

·The railway. The Qingdao-Rongcheng Intercity Railway is fully connected. Weihai has formed a "one-hour economic circle" with Qingdao and Yantai.

·Highway. The city's highway mileage is long, having reached 7159.8 kilometers.

·Ports. It has 4 national open ports and 25 sea transportation routes with a throughput of over 55 million tons.

The Economic Core and the Fishing City

·Weihai is a bone city in the core area of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, with the internationally popular marine products.

It is the largest fishing production base in China, an ocean-going aquatic product processing and logistics base, and a famous marine food city.

·City of the leisure fishing, fishing tackle and leisure fishing tourism charm of China.

·Weihai is accelerating the establishment of a national regional innovation center, with the output value of high-tech industries accounting for 45.12%.

Development Goals

Weihai focuses on developing emerging industries, such as industries of international medicine and health, new materials, carbon fiber, medical devices and biomedicine, software and service outsourcing. It also develops marine industry, marine biomedicine, marine biological products, marine ecological breeding, intelligent manufacturing control and detection technology, intelligent robots and IT, big data mining and application technology, Internet of Things technology and marine engineering equipment.

The new generation of information technology: Cooperation-oriented office printing, special printing, industrial printing and supporting materials, 3D printing materials and high-precision printing equipment, etc.; integrated circuit design, manufacturing, packaging and testing materials and equipment, etc.; industrialization of R&D of network communication equipment such as high-performance routers and switches; the industrialization of CMOS and MEMS sensors and intelligent photoelectric sensors; mobile intelligent terminals and wearable devices, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, etc.

Investment Demand 

New medicine and medical device industry: R&D, industrialization and medical application of core technologies for high-performance medical devices,

R&D and industrialization of high-resolution "acousto-optic electromagnetic" medical imaging equipment, rehabilitation device and other high-end products and medical devices based on the traditional Chinese medical science, new target and multi-target combination anti-tumor drugs, therapeutic vaccines, gene therapy drugs, national class I new drugs and expired pharmaceutical production abroad.

Advanced equipment and intelligent manufacturing: Major complete equipment, robots and key parts, intelligent manufacturing system solvers, intelligent equipment such as CNC machine tools and CNC systems, plus CNC products; marine engineering equipment, far-reaching sea development and exploration equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, etc.; core supporting enterprises for special ships, luxury cruise ships, key parts of ship engines, intelligent monitoring systems of ships, etc. Vehicle manufacturing enterprises, battery, electric control, motor, charging pile and other key parts enterprises, as well as engine steering suspension system, instrument, automotive electronics and other parts enterprises.

Carbon fiber and other composite materials: Preparation of high-performance carbon fibers, R&D and industrialization of carbon fiber products; R&D of graphene material application technology and large-scale production and application in electronic products, PV cells, power cells and other fields; research and production of resin-based and ceramic-based non-metal matrix composites, aluminum-based and magnesium-based metal matrix composites; production of high-performance polyurethane, engineering plastics, degradable polymers, silicone polymers, high-end fluoropolymers, etc.

Marine biology and health food: R&D and production of marine biology and genetic engineering drugs, marine biological police materials, marine health care products, marine biological enzyme preparations, marine cosmetics, etc.; deep processing of seafood; Deep processing of American ginseng, fig, blueberry, ginger, peanut and other special agricultural products.

Fashion and leisure sports products: R&D and design innovation of key technologies, core technologies and common links of textiles, clothing, carpets and sports products; design and production of high-end fashion brands and fashion products; various design and research centers, workshops, makerspaces and incubation platforms; World Brand Agent Conference, International Famous Brand Conference, International Fashion Trend Works Press Conference and other fashion theme activities.

Medical tourism: Medical universities and branches, postgraduate research institutes, research institutes, etc.; medical research institutions, comprehensive Grade III A hospitals, specialty hospitals, rehabilitation and physiotherapy institutions, health management institutions, high-end pension institutions, scientific research and related supporting institutions; high-end hotels, special homestays, theme parks, cultural creativity, sports and leisure, film and television bases, etc.

Key Industries

The new generation of information technology industry: Key products, computer peripheral products such as printing I scanning equipment, 3D printing equipment and displays; intelligent electronic products such as self-service terminals, intelligent bookshelves/filing cabinets, north gate navigation terminals, vehicle video monitoring, intelligent electricity meters; Internet of Things products such as sensors, RFID systems; network equipment products such as video monitoring, Internet line manager, smart cloud routing, password server, encryption machine, U-key, etc.; communication frequency products such as communication equipment, communication terminals, optical fiber cables; special semiconductor products and semiconductor materials and equipment such as electronic components and parts products, IGBT, MEMS and infrared sensors.

New medicine and medical device industry: Heart stent and intracardiac consumables, blood purification equipment and consumables, orthopaedic materials, ICU products and accessories, large-capacity syringes and other drugs, nephrology products, artificial plasma and other medical devices (consumables); chemical raw materials and preparations such as candesartan cilexetil tablets, flunarizine hydrochloride capsules, vitamin A and D drops, femibion series products; proprietary Chinese medicines such as Yixin tablets, Qianlie Weitong granules, American ginseng soft capsules and other plant drugs, biological drugs and genetically engineered drugs.

Advanced equipment and intelligent manufacturing industry: Special vehicles, modified passenger cars, light trucks, micro-trucks, various radial tires, crankshafts, connecting rods, wheel hubs, brake pads, large passenger ro/ro ships, container ships, automobile transport ships, chemical ships, ocean fishing boats, ocean instruments, ocean robots, ocean supporting and special equipment, large CNC machine tools, pump brackets, pressure vessels, complete printing equipment, electric rugs, fan drums, manual tools, large CNC equipment, aviation ground equipment, automatic mineral processing equipment, intelligent medical equipment, etc.

Carbon fiber and other composite materials industry: Carbon fiber and composite materials, new medical materials, magnesium aluminum alloy materials, new energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials, new chemical materials, photoelectric and photothermal materials, wear-resistant materials, rare earth functional materials, high-performance composite materials, high-performance tungsten and molybdenum materials, nano materials, etc.

Marine biology and health food industry: Marine biological drugs, marine health products, marine biological fertilizers, marine biological materials, marine cosmetics, frozen aquatic products, frozen prepared foods, algae foods, ready-to-eat snack foods, cereals, oils, fruits and vegetables products, livestock and poultry products, wine products, dairy products, condiments, concentrated juice, American ginseng health products, etc.

Leading Enterprises

HP Printing (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

HP Printing (Shandong) Co., Ltd., located in Weihai City, Shandong Province, formerly a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., was formally acquired by HP in November 2017. The company was established in March 1993 and is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, production and sales of digital printing products.
Since the introduction of thermal fax machines in 1996, Weihai HP Printing has actively adjusted the product structure according to the market demand and successively introduced a series of products such as ink-jet fax machines, ink-jet printers, laser printers and multifunctional machines. Through the improvement of systematic management and the promotion of various innovation activities enabling the double expansion of the production efficiency, the enterprise scale has expanded rapidly. The monthly production capacity has increased to the current 1.2 million units/month, and the market share of laser printers and all-in-one machines has become the second largest in the world.
HP Printer have made full use of HP Group's huge and complete global sales network to rapidly expand its sales field. Its products have sold well in more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and the United States, and have established cooperative partnerships with many well-known multinational corporations in the printer field. The company has given full play to its leading role in the industrial economy in Weihai, with more than 30 supporting enterprises in the surrounding area, and a total investment of more than USD 140 million and employees of more than 13,000. It has formed a relatively complete manufacturing system for the printer industry, reflecting the industrial agglomeration effect. The company, as one of several leading enterprises in Weihai, boasts about the sales volume keeping in the forefront of Shandong Province. The enterprise has been successively awarded the honorary titles of National Outstanding Foreign Investment Enterprise, Shandong Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Advanced Unit, Reform and Opening-Up Advanced Enterprise, etc. Adhering to the concept of "Talents First", the company has maintained good cooperative relations with many colleges and universities both inside and outside the province. It has set up special "Awards and Grants" in many colleges and universities such as Shandong University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Weihai Vocational College to provide financial assistance to poor students excellent in both quality and study all the year round.

Weigao Holding Co., Ltd.:

Weigao Holding Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, located at No.18 Xingshan Road, Torch Hi-tech Science Park, Weihai City, Shandong Province. It is mainly engaged in disposable medical devices and drugs and has eight major industrial groups, including medical products, blood purification, orthopaedics, biotechnology, medicine, heart consumables, medical commerce and real estate.

Weigao Holding Co., Ltd. is located in Weihai, the beautiful seaside city. With the mission of "Create a Healthy Future with Angels in White", Weigao has set up its core values of conscience, sincerity and loyalty, built a century-old foundation, marched forward to the vision of "being one of the world's strongest enterprises, Asia's leading, China's strongest and the most respected medical devices and pharmaceutical enterprises", so as to make greater contributions to the healthy development of China's medical and health services.

Weigao stood at the 445th place in the top 500 Chinese enterprises list in August 2016. On December 11, 2016, Weigao Holding Co., Ltd. won the 4th China Industry Award.

Triangle Group:

Triangle Group was founded in 1976 and has a history of more than 30 years of specialized tire manufacturing. Its main products include cars and radial tires of light truck, truck, passenger vehicle, engineering and giant engineering, giant diagonal engineering tires and ordinary diagonal tires, with an annual production capacity of more than 22 million sets, of which 18 million sets are radial tires, with a rubber making capacity of 400,000 tons, a tire retreading capacity of 500,000 sets, and an independent R&D capacity. In addition, it is the largest comprehensive tire manufacturing, marketing and research enterprise in China, with a national technology development center and a postdoctoral research workstation.

Homey Group Co., Ltd.:

Homey Group Co., Ltd. is located in Rongcheng city, the easternmost end of Shandong peninsula. Homey Group, founded in 1978, has developed into a large state-level enterprise group integrating pelagic fishing, aquaculture, food processing, thermoelectric paper making, coastal tourism and other industries through 30 years of unremitting efforts, thus forming a comprehensive management pattern integrating fishing, industry and trade as well as industry-university-research. Currently, the group has more than 50 directly affiliated enterprises, including a domestic A-share listed company with more than 10,000 employees and a total asset of RMB 3.5 billion.

JinHou Group:

Founded in 1951, JinHou Group has assets of more than RMB 4 billion, more than 6,000 employees and 17 subsidiaries. It mainly produces leather shoes, leather goods, clothing and other products, engaged in import and export trade, real estate development, finance, investment, logistics, hotels and other tertiary industries. It is a national large-scale industrial enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, a unit of Vice-chairman of the China Leather Industry Association, a unit of Chairman of the leather shoes and sneakers professional committee of the China Leather Industry Association, and a key enterprise group of Shandong Province.

Weihai Beiyang Electrical Group Co., Ltd.:

Beiyang Group, the abbreviation of Weihai Beiyang Electrical Group Co., Ltd., was founded in 1988, now a comprehensive state-owned holding enterprise group and a high-tech enterprise. It has been one of the top 100 enterprises in China's electronics industry for 15 consecutive years since 1993. It has a national enterprise technology center and a provincial engineering technology research center. With a registered capital of RMB 93.54 million, the enterprise has now formed nearly 100 varieties in six series, including optical fiber sensing, RFID, thermal print head/image sensor, special printer, energy-saving lighting, and electronic products.