Enormous Market Demands

Source: 01-07-2023 09:36:08

Coordination between supply and demand. As the only province with both the permanent resident population and the registered population exceeding 100 million in China, there are over 90,000 enterprises classified into four categories, including large-scale industrial enterprises, building enterprises obtaining specific qualifications, service enterprises with annual marketing turnover reaching the national-certificated quota, and state key service enterprises, which make it possible to realize a status in which the demand can be created through the optimization of supply. And the supply can be guided by stimulating these demands.

Active implementation of strategy for expanding domestic demand. We will further boost the "Ten Demands Expansion" action plan, continuously implement a serial of major projects, smooth economic circulation, and enhance endogenous dynamic and development resilience.

Enhancing the support for effective investment. We will further implement the construction of the "Seven Networks", accelerate the improvement of weaknesses in modern logistics, municipal public facilities, and the rural infrastructures, to promote major projects of energy conservation, and accelerate the planning of new infrastructures. Meanwhile, we should create an efficient and sophisticated three-dimensional transportation network, and construct a modern reservoir of waterways.

We should deepen the principle of "Project leads elements", and improve the important mechanism that contributes to the major projects. To stimulate the activity of private capital and the continual investment circulation, we should enhance the government-leading investment guidelines, and promote the enter-and-exit immigration system for private investments, as well as the common construction and beneficial distribution.


Boosting the spending of consumer potentials. To do that, we should lay out a batch of e-commerce supply chain sites, accelerate bulk consumption such as home decorative products, home appliances, vehicles, and similar items, improve the innovative development of old brands, through upgrading traditional consumption, speed up the intelligent transformation of urban business districts, and building a neighborhood with distinctive local features.

We need to cultivate and expand smart, styled, and environmental-friendly consumables, and promote the online and offline integrated development of consume-based services such as medical care, health care, cultural tourism and, sporting services.

We will support Jinan City, Qingdao City, and other major cities in Shandong for their construction of international consumption center cities, and cultivate a group of regional consumption center cities within the nation. So that we may better promote the brand of "Sound Shandong", we will strengthen the standard guideline, and accelerate the process of building Shandong into a province with high-quality development and well-known brands.