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Advantages for Development

Binzhou is one of the birthplaces of the Yellow River culture and Qi culture, and the hometown of Sun Tzu, a world-renowned ancient military strategist. Binzhou borders on mountain in the south and Bohai sea in the north. The Yellow River runs through the city. It has the unique natural endowment of mountain, sea and river in an integral whole. Binzhou is one of the seven coastal cities in Shandong Province, with a territory of 9,600 square kilometers, a coastline of 126 kilometers and a population of 3.92 million.


- Binzhou has unique location and convenient traffic. National strategies such as the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin, and the cooperative development of the Bohai Rim region are overlapped here. With Binzhou as the center, it radiates 7 cities 100 kilometers, and 7 second-tier or above cities 300 kilometers. The first-class Binzhou Port is about to be officially opened to the outside world, the only type A1 class 4C large general airport in East China- Dagao Airport is upgrading and expanding its civil airport, and there are nine (9) expressways are under construction or in operation; Jinan-Qingdao High-speed Railway was completed and opened to traffic; the second high speed railway between Beijing and Shanghai, and Jinan-Binzhou High-speed Railway are under construction this year; Binzhou-Dezhou Expressway,  Bohai Rim High-speed Railway, and Binzhou-Zibo High-speed Railway are in synchronized planning; with the convergence of "six high-speed and two railways", as a transportation hub city, Binzhou is ready to leave as soon as you go out. It will soon form a convenient transportation circle, economic circle and life circle that can reach Beijing in 1 hour, Shanghai in 3 hours and Jinan in half an hour. Binzhou will become a hub city of national trunk road high-speed railway and an important node city in the Bohai Rim.


- Binzhou is rich in resources, hard to come by. Binzhou has 1.67 million mu of unused land and 1.23 million mu of shallow tidal flats, it is one of the regions with the most abundant land resources in eastern China. There are over 30 kinds of proven mineral resources such as brine, oil and gas, among which the oil reserves are 750 million tons, natural gas reserves are 16.4 billion cubic meters, and the annual output of raw salt is 2.4 million tons. It is an important base of raw salt production and salt chemical industry in China. Bozhong 19-6 Extra Large Condensate Gas Field Project of CNOOC Group has been settled in Binzhou, with natural gas resources of about 4,489 trillion cubic meters and condensate oil resources of about 420 million cubic meters, with a total oil equivalent of over 800 million cubic meters. It is the largest condensate gas field in eastern China. There are abundant electric power resources, generating 117.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, and the lowest price of electricity for industrial and commercial consumption is RMB 0.45 per kilowatt-hour.


- Binzhou has strong industries and distinctive features. Binzhou is a hinterland city of advanced manufacturing base in the Yellow River Delta. Over the years, we have developed five competitive industrial clusters worth hundreds of billions yuan in high-end aluminum, fine chemical, home textile, food processing, livestock and aquaculture industries. In 2020, the operating revenue was RMB 1,023.48 billion. We have cultivated a number of national and even world famous leading enterprises such as Weiqiao and Jingbo, one (1) world's top 500 enterprises, six (6) China's top 500 enterprises and eight (8) China's top 500 private enterprises.


High-end aluminum industry: Binzhou is the world's largest aluminum industry base, and the core bearing area for Shandong Province to build a "world-class high-end aluminum base", with the reputation of "the world's aluminum industry to see China, China's aluminum industry to see Binzhou". 


Fine chemical industry: Binzhou is an important national high-end petrochemical industry base, with 3 listed companies in the chemical industry and 7 provincial chemical parks. The annual outputs of propylene oxide, needle coke and calcined petroleum coke respectively account for 31%, 20% and 20% of China's total, with a primary refining capacity of 21.6 million tons.

Home textile industry: Binzhou is the world's largest textile production base, "world-class home textile industry cluster pilot zone" and "national textile industry base city". It processes 1.5 million tons of raw cotton, 11 million spinning spindles, 3 billion meters of cloth and 20 million pieces of clothing annually. At present, we focus on building "world-class high-end textile base", and on the development of new textile materials and new products research and development, brand clothing creative design, high-end home textile intelligent manufacturing and other industries, to promote the textile industry to the high end of the global industrial chain and value chain.


Food processing industry: Binzhou is the only prefecture-level city with a grain industry worth hundreds of billions of yuan in China. It is the "National Grain Industry Economic Development Demonstration City", and its grain processing and transformation volume ranks first in the province. At present, we focus on building a "national food industry base", and on the development of specialty food, deep processing, consumer experience and other industries.


Livestock and aquaculture industries: Binzhou is an advantageous industrial area for cattle and sheep in China. The annual slaughtering and processing capacity of beef cattle, pigs and meat and poultry reaches 1.2 million, 700,000 and 700 million respectively. The market share of beef cattle processing volume ranks first in China. Binzhou is one of the main fishing grounds in China. It has built an efficient ecological demonstration area for shrimp, shellfish, insect and algae. The annual output of prawns accounts for more than 50% of the province's total, and that of artemia cysts accounts for 70% of the national market. At present, we focus on building "National Quality Animal Husbandry and Aquatic Products Base", and actively promote the animal husbandry and aquatic products to deepen processing, wide sales, and strengthen the brand.


While making the five traditional industries bigger and stronger, we are focusing on the transformation of old and new drivers of growth in Binzhou. We are accelerating the development of five emerging industries, namely high-end equipment manufacturing, next-generation information technology, new energy and new materials, medical and health care, and modern service industries, to optimize and upgrade the industrial structure.

Key industries

Modern service industry

Binzhou is in a golden window period for the development of modern service industry. Binzhou is taking advantage of the good natural base of "Nanshan Middle Hebei Sea" and the node advantage of Bohai Rim, and using the cultural characteristic brands such as Yellow River culture and battle saint culture, to create a tourism dynamic line node from North China to East China, from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to Yantai, Weihai and Qingdao.


In addition, relying on Binzhou's unique location advantages and radiation capacity, we speed up the construction of logistics facilities such as ports, railways and rivers, and build an integrated modern logistics hub of "port, railway, river and sea". Centering on the regional functional structure requirements, we vigorously develop regional headquarters economy, financial center, convention center, science and technology innovation center and other emerging high-end service formats.

Medical care and health industry

The medical and health industry of Binzhou has a good foundation and a promising prospect. As a regional medical center, Binzhou has 5 grade A class-3 hospitals, with a good foundation and huge potential for the development of the medical and health industry. Binzhou is making full use of its characteristic advantages of "Four Rings and Five Seas, Ecological Binzhou", water and forest, vigorously promoting the construction of a national demonstration city combining with medical care, vigorously developing characteristic industries such as biomedicine, smart medical care, health and elderly care, actively promoting the construction of health care base in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, and building a regional center integrating health care with medical care.

New energy and new materials industry

New energy and new material industry is going strong in Binzhou. In terms of new energy, Binzhou, relying on its unique resource advantages, is vigorously developing hydrogen energy, biomass energy and other new energy, and building a national demonstration base for comprehensive application of new energy. In terms of new materials, relying on high-end aluminum, chemical industry, textile and other advantageous resources, Binzhou is vigorously developing new metal materials, non-metal new materials, composite functional materials and other industries, and building a national new materials industrial base.

New-generation information technology industry

The new generation of information technology industry in Binzhou is full of momentum. Binzhou has built the first industrial big data service center in the province, taking the lead in establishing the "cloud supermarket" service mode in China. Jingdong, Huawei and other enterprises have settled down one after another, and the manufacturing characteristics of electronic components and high-end lithium materials are prominent.


In the next step, Binzhou will use the Internet, big data, cloud computing, with the goal of industrial intelligence, intelligent industrialization, to build the Bohai Rim big data application and the national semiconductor device industry cluster.

High-end equipment manufacturing industry

Binzhou has obvious advantages in high-end equipment manufacturing industry. There are more than 300 equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated scale in the whole industry, with 50,000 employees, covering high-end equipment manufacturing fields such as new energy vehicles, aerospace, CNC machine tools, Marine engineering equipment, and intelligent building materials equipment, etc.

In recent years, Binzhou has continuously improved the production-learning-research system of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, made full use of the advantages of aluminum resources, and accelerated the construction of high-end equipment manufacturing bases such as new energy vehicles and their parts, complete sets of surface engineering equipment, and general aviation manufacturing. We are making every effort to gradually build an industrial pattern of coordinated development of lightweight equipment, energy equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, rail transit equipment, general aviation equipment, petroleum and offshore engineering equipment.


Animal husbandry and aquaculture industry

Binzhou is a national cattle and sheep advantage industrial area, with a capacity of 1.2 million of beef cattle and a stock of 200,000. Beef products account for more than 30% and 50% of the halal market in Beijing and Tianjin. Yangxin County is honored as "the first cow county in China". Binzhou has coastline of 126 kilometers and is one of the main fishing grounds in China. The annual production of prawns accounts for more than 50% of the province, that of artemia cysts accounts for 70% of the national market., and the characteristic fishery of "shrimp, shellfish, insect and algae" has great economic potential.

Binzhou is focusing on building "national quality animal husbandry and aquatic products base of RMB 150 billion", and actively promoting the animal husbandry and aquatic products to deepen processing, widen sales, and strengthen the brand.

While making the five traditional industries bigger and stronger, Binzhou is focusing on high quality development and developing five emerging industries, namely high-end equipment manufacturing, next-generation information technology, new energy and new materials, medical and health care, and modern service industries, to accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure.

Food processing industry

Binzhou is the only prefecture-level city with grain industry exceeding RMB 100 billion yuan in China, and a "national model city for economic development of grain industry". The amount of grain processing and transformation ranks first in the province, and its main business income accounts for 1/3 of the whole province. Binzhou occupies 4 of the top 10 grain and oil processing enterprises in China. It has cultivated well-known brands such as Xiwang Food, Xiangchi Holdings and Zhongyu, and the value-added rate of grain processing has reached 3.4:1, which has a good foundation for high-end extension.

Binzhou is focusing on the development of food research and development, product optimization, deep processing, consumption experience and other industrial forms around the goal of building a "national food industry base of RMB 150 billion". At present, Binzhou has set up agricultural and grain industry development fund of RMB 2 billion for the Yellow River Delta to fully support the development of the food industry.


Binzhou is focusing on the goal of building "world-class high-end textile base of RMB 150 billion", and on the development of new textile materials and new products research and development, creative brand clothing design, high-end home textile's intelligent manufacturing and other industries, it promotes the textile industry to the medium- and high-end of the global industrial chain and value chain.

We are seizing this rare historical opportunity to build a world-class high-end chemical industry base, focusing on the goal of building and cultivating a fine chemical industry cluster with a value of RMB 200 billion. At present, relying on leading enterprises such as Jingbo Group and Binghua Group, we have set up a number of chemical industry development funds to seek global cooperation in areas such as refining and chemical integration, new chemical materials and comprehensive utilization of four‐carbon and three‐carbon.


Binzhou is focusing on the development of automotive lightweight, aerospace, rail transportation, high-end electronic profiles and other fields around the goal of building "world-class high-end aluminum base". Within three years, the local conversion rate of aluminum water has reached more than 80%, the number of large-scale aluminum-related enterprises has exceeded 100, and the main business income of the aluminum industry has reached RMB 660 billion.

Binzhou has set up a high-end aluminum industry and park development fund of RMB 10 billion to provide diversified financing, guarantee and credit enhancement services for the development of high-end aluminum industry and related enterprises. Binzhou issued the "Several Policies for Building a World High-end Aluminum Base" to provide all-round support to aluminum-related enterprises in the aspects of value chain extension, scientific and technological innovation, brand building, talent cultivation and so on.