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Development Advantages


A Superior Location and Broad Market 

I. Geographical Location 

Located in Southwest Shandong Province, Heze is situated at the meeting area of four provinces including Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan and Anhui. It connects with Qingdao and other coastal ports in the east, links the Central Plain City Cluster to the west and are not far from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in the north. There is a population of 120 million in the area within a radius of 200 km.

II. Administrative Division 

Heze covers a total area of 12,200 square kilometers. Under its jurisdiction, there are seven counties (Caoxian, Chengwu, Shanxian, Juye, Yuncheng, Juancheng and Dongming), two districts (Mudan and Dingtao), as well as the Economic Development Zone of Heze and Heze Hi-tech Industry Development Zone. 

III. Traffic System 

In terms of road, Heze is a national road transportation hub city. Highways intersect in its urban area, taking the shape of “米”.  A road traffic network, featuring rural and urban integration and linked trunk and regional roads by highways, national roads, provincial roads and regional roads, has been formed. 

In terms of railway, Beijing-Jiulong Railway, the New Yanzhou Railway, Southern Shandong Railway which is being built at an accelerated pace and the Xiong’an-Shangqiu High-speed Railway which will be started to build intersect in Heze, taking the shape of “十”. 

In terms of air transport, Heze is about 2.5 hours drive from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport and about 2 hours drive from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. Heze Mudan Airport will be put into use by the end of this year.

In terms of shipping, Zhushui River Channel which is connected with Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has been opened to navigation. The construction of the Xinwanfu River Channel navigation resuming project is being accelerated. Heze is less than 600 km from Qingdao Port and less than 400 km from Rizhao Port, and is connected directly by highways with the ports. 

IV. Climatic Conditions 

Heze has a temperate continental monsoon climate. Abundant sunshine, four distinctive seasons, and  rainy season and hot weather coming in the same period have contributed to the pleasant climate here. 

V. History and Culture

Known in history as the “Center of the World”, Heze has been the economic and cultural center of the Central Plain Area for several times. Yao, Shun and Yu, the three prestigious tribal leaders in ancient China were mainly based in this region. Fan Li, the “ancestor of business”, Sun Bin, the military expert, Zhuang Zhou, the thinker, Liu Bang and Cao Cao,  the politicians, etc., have been recorded in the history of Heze for their relations with this region. 

VI. Human Resources 

Heze has a population of 10.26 million. There are 4 colleges and universities, and 35 secondary vocational schools, with more than 120,000 students. Over 1.5 million labors work in other regions throughout the year. 

VII. Basic Facts of Economy 

In 2019, Heze realized a GDP of 340.998 billion yuan. Urban per-capita disposable income reached 28,327 yuan. The proportion of primary, secondary and tertiary industries was 9.5:42.6:47.9.

Key Industries

New Materials Industry

Upholding the principles of being basic, pilot and strategic, Heze strives to develop sustainable energy including solar, geothermal and biomass energy, and focuses on building the regional new energy base; gives priority to the development of high-end materials (Graphene), such as high polymer, special metal functions and new-type inorganic non-metal materials, etc., and focuses on building the regional new materials agglomeration area.

Textile Industry

Heze builds the middle and high-end high-quality cotton yarn production base; focuses on the development of industrial fabrics, decorative textiles and high-grade fabrics, etc.; actively introduces garments, bedding and other textile terminal products projects, and gradually extends industrial development chains.

Forestry Industry

Relying on the abundant forestry resources, Heze builds six forestry bases including poplar, Chinese parasol,  nursery stock and Salix integra and develops forestry processing industry; optimizes forestry industry structure, and builds a number of deep processing projects featuring high technological content and large production scale; focuses on introducing associated projects including high-grade plates, high-grade furniture and household products, handicrafts and woodworking machinery, etc.

Cultural Tourism

Heze focuses on promoting cultural tourism resources with profound cultural deposits including Water Margin Cultural City, Sun Bin Tourism City, Fang Mountain and Jin Mountain Tourism Areas; places of interests including Caozhou Peony Park, A Hundred Flowers Park, Yellow River Forest Park and Zhaowang River Garden; develops ecotourism featuring “forest on the plain, granary in the forest”.

Trade Logistics Industry

Heze takes the advantages of its superior location, identifies preferential policies in the fields of capital, taxation and land, etc., builds the logistics base and develops all types of specialized markets.

Agriculture and Sideline Products Processing

Based on its abundant agricultural, livestock and poultry resources, huge consumption population and cheap labor resources, Heze develops agricultural products and livestock and poultry products processing industries; takes the advantages of bioengineering and other high technologies to enhance the level of food processing industry; introduces processing projects of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat products and health care products; accommodates the transfer of food industry and factories.

Petrochemical Industry

Taking the advantages of neighboring Zhongyuan Oil Field and the abundant oil and gas resources and relying on enterprises such as Dongming Petrochemical, Yuhuang Chemical and Sunsine Chemical, Heze gives priority to crude oil processing and mainly develops organic chemical raw materials, synthetic materials, and fine chemicals, and focuses on building the petrochemical base.

Coal Power Chemical Industry

Heze makes full use of the advantages of its abundant coal resources, relies on the three large coal fields based within its territory, namely, Juye, Shanxian and Caoxian, gives priority to the deep development of coal resources, accelerates the advancement of mine construction, strives to develop coal, power generation, coal chemical and electromechanical projects, and focuses on building the coal power chemical base.