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Advantage of city


Capital city, political and economic center:

Jinan is the capital of Shandong Province, serving as the provincial center of politics, economy, culture, science and technology, education and finance. Located in the midwest of Shandong Peninsula, it is the core city of Shandong Peninsula city cluster, connecting the capital economic circle in the north, the Yangtze River Delta economic circle in the south, Shandong Peninsula in the east and Central China and in the west. It is an important intersection of Circum-Bohai Sea Economic Zone and Beijing-Shanghai Economic Axis, with a total area of 10,244 square kilometers.

Jinan, with an economic and financial strength in the front rank of the province, is one of the core areas of the national comprehensive pilot zone for replacement of old growth drivers by new ones. Its financial investment, tourism consumption, high-tech industries and modern services is in the front rank of the province, its number of national 5A enterprises ranks first in the province, and it has over 1,000 high-tech enterprises and 70 new financial institutions, with excellent enterprises such as Inspur Group, Heavy Duty Truck Group, Qilu Pharmaceutical and Zhihui Lanhai Internet Brand ranking first in the province. Therefore, Jinan has high-quality business environment and government environment.

Traffic fort, core location:

Jinan, as a land transportation hub, has an important geographical location. It takes only 1.5 hours to Beijing and 3 hours to Shanghai. The expressway network with "Three Ring Roads and Twelve Radiation Roads" is connected to all directions.

Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport is an important airport in China, connecting more than 100 domestic and overseas cities, including more than 20 cities such as Hong Kong, Macao and cities in Taiwan regions and other international cities.

Capital of spring, famous cultural city:

Jinan, with a city construction history of 2600 years, is one of the first national historical and cultural cities. As the first city to open its own trading port in modern China (in 1904), it is with profound cultural background.

Jinan is renowned for its springs. There are 808 natural springs and 72 famous springs in the city, including four springs, namely Baotu Spring (the finest spring under heaven), Pearl Spring, Black Tiger Spring and Five Dragon Pool, and Daming Lake, the first spring lake in China. In addition, Qianfoshan, one of the three major scenic spots in Jinan, integrates mountain, spring, lake, river and city, forming Jinan's unique landscape of "a city with mountain scenery and half lake view".

There are 50 colleges and universities in Jinan such as Shandong University, with enormous human resources and strong cultural and educational atmosphere.

Opening up with economic convergence:

Jinan is one of the top 50 Asian cities (Royal Society). Intersection city of the five major economic circles in China.

Further promotion of opening up. It is awarded the first "National Smart Logistics Innovation Pioneer Zone" in China; it has held investment promotion conferences with the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and the total investment of new projects signed outside the province ranks first in the province.

In terms of strategic opportunities, Jinan has ushered in broader development with the convergence and superposition of three national strategies: the comprehensive pilot zone for replacement of old growth drivers by new ones, the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the Yellow River Basin ecological report and high-quality development.

In terms of development orientation, Jinan has set up a clear development goal, and the whole city keeps in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's earnest exhortation of "building Jinan well", adheres to the goal of building a national central city in accordance with the work requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and makes every effort to build scientific innovative Jinan, intellectual Jinan, cultural Jinan, ecological Jinan and health-care Jinan, and speeds up the construction of a  "large, strong, beautiful and rich and all-round" modern international metropolis.

Top ten billion industries

Science and technology service

There are 28 state-level enterprise technology centers, 818 R&D institutions of various enterprises, 107 research institutes above the provincial level, 25 public technology service platforms, and 29.28 effective invention patents per 10,000 people, and the output value of high-tech industries accounts for 56% of the total output value of industrial enterprises above designated size.

Industrial finance

Improve the modern financial industry system. Continue to promote the construction of regional financial center, with the added value of the financial industry exceeding RMB 100 billion. Strengthen the construction of carrier platform, enhance the agglomeration function of the central business district, build the Hanyu Jingu TechFin Ecological Circle, and accelerate the construction of the Phase II of Shandong New Financial Industrial Park. Improve the financial organization system, support local corporate financial institutions to grow bigger and stronger, actively introduce and cultivate insurance companies, private equity funds, financial leasing, commercial factoring and other institutions, and accelerate the development of intermediary services such as big data credit rating and insurance brokerage. Vigorously develop industrial finance, actively promote national industrial finance cooperation pilot, support innovation of financial products and services, reduce financing costs of enterprises, expand the scale of social financing, and continuously improve the ability of financial services to the real economy. Promote the standardized development of supply chain finance, encourage financial institutions to build financial service platforms, and improve the overall financial service level of the industrial chain. Improve the supporting policy system for company listing, with 10 listed enterprises domestically and overseas. Actively create a national scientific innovative and financial reform pilot zone to accelerate the development of financial technology. Improve the modern local financial supervision system, strengthen the prevention and control of financial risks, and keep the bottom line of no systemic risks.

Advanced materials

Promote the cluster development of high-quality steel and advanced materials industry. Promote the optimization and upgrading of Laiwu Steel, speed up the development of "super, fine and high quality" steel products and the extension of industrial chain, and build an industrial cluster of high-quality steel. Relying on key enterprises such as Taishan Steel, cultivate the ecological circle of stainless steel industry. Support leading powder metallurgy enterprises such as Luyin New Materials for planning expansion and quality improvement, and vigorously develop high-end products such as 3D printing powder and high-speed powdered steel. Accelerate the development of high-performance fiber, artificial crystals, optoelectronic materials and other characteristic industries, increase the R&D of strategic frontier materials, and create an advanced material industry cluster.

Medical and health care

Create a highland for medical technology innovation. Actively promote the construction of Jinan International Medical Science Center, promote the completion and commissioning of Proton Clinical Research Center, accelerate the construction progress of medical Silicon Valley, Shulan (Jinan) International Hospital, Shandong University International Medical Center, Precision Medicine Industrial Park, etc., and strive to create a comprehensive pilot zone for national medical and health industry. Support the "dual high" construction of Shandong University Qheeloo College of Medicine and Shandong First Medical University, and build a batch of leading high-level disciplines and first-class majors in China. Support the construction of high-end R&D platforms such as key laboratories and clinical medical research centers, and break through a batch of cutting-edge key technologies and disruptive innovative technologies in the fields of precision medicine, immunotherapy, cell therapy, infectious disease prevention, trauma surgery, and diagnosis and treatment of major chronic diseases.

Improve the level of regional medical services. Expand the brand of "Qilu Medicine", actively strive for regional medical center, and build high-end medical service cluster. Make overall plans to promote the construction of medical facilities, support the construction of emergency complex building of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University and North Area of the Second Hospital of Shandong University, and accelerate the construction of projects such as East Area of Central Hospital, Medical and Health Complex Building of Third Hospital of Jinan, and New Area of Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Promote the construction of China-Japan International Medical Science and Technology Park, build international hospital cooperation pilot, and actively introduce foreign famous medical institutions and international hospital management teams. Actively promote remote diagnosis and treatment, improve the grading diagnosis and treatment system, build and expand 17 community health service centers. Implement the Jinan Pre-hospital Medical Emergency Regulations and improve the pre-hospital medical emergency network system. Deepen the reform of public health management and accelerate the construction of "six centers" of public health. Promote the full operation of the National Health and Medical Big Data Center (North), support the development of health service platform for Internet medical insurance in Shandong Province, and build a healthy Jinan co-construction and sharing platform with "one-vertical and three-horizontal five functions".

Promote the inheritance and innovation development of traditional Chinese medicine. Polish the golden signboard of "Hometown of Bian Que", strengthen the old brands such as "Hongjitang", and build the production bases of genuine medicinal materials such as salvia miltiorrhiza, Changqing snake gourd, Zhangqiu Polygala tenuifolia and Pingyin rose in Laiwu Steel City. Support the development of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other universities and research institutions, and improve the R&D capabilities of traditional Chinese medicine. Plan to build the International Science Park of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bian Que Health Care Eco-city and other projects, promote the development of inter-provincial traditional Chinese medicine (materials) purchasing alliance, world traditional Chinese medicine (materials) internet trading center and world traditional Chinese medicine verification center, and accelerate the construction of smart traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy and Bian Que Internet Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Improve the service level of traditional Chinese medicine, and build 5 provincial-level key specialized hospitals and 20 municipal-level excellent specialized hospitals. Solidly promote the construction of national export base of traditional Chinese medicine services.

Create an international medical and health destination. Actively develop business forms such as forest health care, spa treatment, and recreation and health care, and promote the construction of projects such as forest health care demonstration zone in southern mountainous areas, Yufuhe eco-tourism health care industrial belt, mountain health care resort in Xinglong area, and Wufeng Mountain medical health care cluster, and accelerate the construction of characteristic health care towns such as Shanghe hot spring, Pingyin rose and donkey-hide gelatin and Cheshan Hot Spring. Encourage the development of chain, large-scale and quality service institutions for the aged, introduce and cultivate leading enterprises in the industry, and increase the supply of high-quality services for the aged. Implement the Healthy Jinan Action, vigorously promote national fitness campaign, create a "15-minute fitness circle", and accelerate the construction of intelligent sports parks. Actively develop green health food, health management services and other industries.

Cultural Tourism

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the cultural tourism industry. We will improve the "Landscape Saint" Chinese culture pivot cooperation mechanism of cultural tourism, and plan and launch a number of excellent tourist routes. Promote the protection, restoration and quality improvement of Mingfu City, emphasize the integration of traditional context and modern fashion elements, and exhibit the unique charm of Spring City. Improve the planning level of protection and development of old trading ports, and accelerate the revival of century-old trading ports. Promote the upgrading of the cultural tourism industry in the southern mountainous areas, integrate and upgrade the cultural tourism resources such as Lingyan Temple, Simen Pagoda and Xueye Lake, and accelerate the construction of Liubu Cultural Tourism Town. Expand the brand effects such as acrobatics "Spring City Memory", promote the completion and operation of Deyun Culture Square and Mahua FunAge Theater, and manifest the style of "Chinese opera art" in the new era. Expand and strengthen new media, short video, film&animation and other industries, and actively build a new media capital. Promote the establishment of national all-for-one tourism demonstration zones, and accelerate the construction of Mingshui Ancient City, Sunac Culture & Tourism City, Jiaxuan Culture & Tourism City and other projects. Promote the integration and innovation of culture and finance. Run the 30th China Book Fair, International Spring Festival and other brand festivals with high standards. Actively promote the city brand building, and increase the precision marketing promotion. Promote the deep integration of media, build an all-media communication system, and well illustrate the "story of Jinan" in the new era.

Modern logistics

Promote the logistics industry to improve quality and efficiency. Accelerate the construction of international inland ports, improve the supporting service functions, and well ensure key projects such as the distribution center of northern means of subsistence. Speed up the construction of commercial service-oriented national logistics hub, national backbone cold chain logistics base, and promote the construction of Shuifa International Logistics Park, Luzhong Railway Logistics Base and other parks. Actively develop new business forms such as supply chain logistics, green logistics, smart logistics and logistics value-added services. Improve the urban and rural distribution system, vigorously promote new energy distribution vehicles, and promote the construction of express public service stations and intelligent express boxes. Increase the cultivation and introduction of logistics enterprises, with more than a increase of 20 logistics enterprises above designated size.

Bio-pharmaceutical industry

Improve the competitiveness of biomedical industry. Focus on breaking through six major fields, namely anti-tumor drugs, aesthetic medicine and anti-aging, stem cells and regenerative medicine, special medical food, traditional Chinese medicine and medical devices, and accelerate the expansion of the biomedical industry. Construct the industrial layout of "one city with multiple parks", and actively promote the planning and construction of Qilu International Life Science City, Special Medical Food City and International Medical Port. Accelerate the construction of Shandong University of Life Sciences and build a public service platform for R&D pilot. Speed up the construction of innovation and supervision service platform for food, drugs and medical devices, the testing center of the testing center of Food and Chemistry Office of National Institute of Food and Drug Control, and plan to build a super factory of biomedicine (machinery) to attract enterprises to accelerate agglomeration and improve the industrial ecosystem. Improve the support policies for new drug research and development and achievements transformation, increase the awards for new drug research and development, support medical institutions to carry out clinical trials, and promote their implementation and transformation in Jinan. Encourage leading enterprises such as Huaxi Bio to extend to the downstream of the industrial chain, expand and strengthen the beauty industry.

Digital economy

Build and improve digital infrastructure. Build 10,000 new 5G base stations, promote the deep coverage of 5G networks and realize large-scale commercial and industrial scenario applications. Actively promote the scale application of IPv6, and improve the subscriber penetration rate and network access coverage rate. Promote the construction of Shandong Future Network Research Institute and build a deterministic network of industrial Internet. Speed up the construction of the national spark chain network super node, declare the national Internet backbone direct connection point, and improve the industrial Internet logo analysis service ability and application level. Accelerate the construction of key data center projects and strive for the landing of more regional and industrial system data centers.

Accelerate digital industrialization. Promote the establishment of a national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone, vigorously promote the opening of data, computing power, scenarios and platforms, and promote the development of the digital industry, with the digital economy accounting for more than 45%. Focus on creating "China's Valley Counting", promote the development of super-computing industrialization, speed up the construction of Computing Valley Science and Technology Park and Industrial Park, and build a complete digital industry ecology. Make overall plans to promote the construction of AI "double zones", plan to build an AI island, speed up the construction of Huawei's three innovation centers and Baidu's "one base, two platforms and three centers", implement 40 application demonstration projects, and introduce and cultivate a batch of industrial leading enterprises. Fully utilize the role of Shandong Blockchain Research Institute and promote the integration and application of blockchain technology in key areas such as digital finance, intelligent manufacturing and government services. Formulate relevant rules for the use of public data, carry out pilot projects for the registration, confirmation and trading of data resources, promote the development and utilization of data resources, and seize market opportunities in the data industry.

Promote industrial digitalization. Strengthen the R&D and application of common technologies and key technologies in digital transformation, and vigorously develop new intelligent manufacturing modes such as intelligent production, personalized customization, network collaboration and service extension. Build and operate Inspur Yunzhou Industrial Internet Platform and enhance the ability of open ecological aggregation. Launch the action of "cloud service, big data and intelligence", with over 50,000 enterprises with cloud services and 20 industrial Internet application innovation projects. Actively promote the digital upgrading of service industry, foster and expand new business forms such as digital trade and digital cultural innovation, and accelerate the development of ultra-high definition video industry.

Intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment

Promote the breakthrough development of intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment industry. Expand the scale of energy-saving and new-energy automobile industry, accelerate the construction of major projects such as Shandong Heavy Industry Green Smart Manufacturing Industrial City and Smart New Energy Vehicle, attract upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, and strengthen the supporting industries of batteries, motors and electric control systems. Actively promote the construction of China's hydrogen valley, and accelerate the implementation of a number of innovative platforms, leading enterprises and demonstration application projects. Promote the planning expansion and quality improvement of industries such as intelligent power equipment, high-end CNC machine tools, laser equipment, nuclear power equipment, intelligent robots, rail transit equipment, and aerospace equipment. The scale of intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment industry in the city has reached RMB 450 billion.

New-generation information technology

Create a new-generation information technology industry highland. Vigorously develop software and information services, new-generation information technology equipment, integrated circuits, information technology application innovation and other industries, with the scale of big data and new-generation information technology industry reaching RMB 450 billion. Promote the upgrading of the famous software city, and strive to improve the supply capacity of software products. Implement the breakthrough plan for high-performance integrated circuits, optimize and upgrade the national integrated circuit design industrialization base, promote the production of energy-rich semiconductor projects, speed up the construction of 5G ultra-thin flexible copper clad laminate and other projects, and actively expand the packaging and testing capacity. Build a strong industrial chain for information technology application innovation, utilize the leading role of system integration and whole machine manufacturers, accelerate the improvement of independent innovation capability of basic software and hardware, and consolidate and expand the advantages of middleware, database and information security software products. Accelerate the building of a national quantum information technology industrial base, and promote the construction of projects such as quantum communication "Qilu trunk line" and superconducting quantum technology processor. Promote the agglomeration and development of aerospace information industry, and accelerate the construction of projects such as low-orbit satellite networking, aerospace information industrial park, Qilu Research Institute, traveling-wave tube Phase II, and low-altitude monitoring service network demonstration.