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Development advantage

Great potential and a long history


•Located in the center of Beijing and Shanghai, Zaozhuang is one of the most dynamic and potential cities of Southern Shandong Economic Belt and Huaihai Economic Zone.

•As the main road connecting east, west, north and south, it has unique traffic location advantages, as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and several railways pass through it.

•Zaozhuang is a city with a long history, splendid culture, numerous celebrities and beautiful hills and waters.

•It boasts about Baodugu National Forest Park, the best national forest park in China, and Tai’erzhuang Ancient City, the first cross-strait exchange base of China, etc.

Strong foundation and industrial park

•The foundation of traditional industries is strong, including equipment manufacturing, chemical industry, building materials, anti-tightened clothing, glass products and agricultural products processing.

·As an important new chemical industry base in China, Zaozhuang has mastered a batch of core technologies and its industrial output value continuously reaches new highs.

·There is 1 national high-tech industrial development zone and 6 provincial economic development zones in Zaozhuang

·There are 4 provincial chemical industrial parks and 1 national cultural industry demonstration park the Tai’erzhuang Cultural Industrial Park in Zaozhuang.

Water-rich area and industrial transfer

·As a water-rich area in northern China, Zaozhuang has a forest coverage rate much higher than the average level of Shandong province

·It succeeded in becoming the national garden city, national forest city and national health city.

·As an important node city on the Beijing-Shanghai line, there are 5 railway stations in Zaozhuang

·As an important area for industrial transfer, Zaozhuang is preferred by the Chinese market pioneer.

Cost advantage and natural resource

·Zaozhuang is abundant in labor resources and its labor costs are lower than those in developed coastal areas.

·Its water transportation costs are lower, as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has a range of 108.4km.

·As a national experimental area for rural reform, Zaozhuang is a production base for domestic high-quality commodity grain and characteristic agricultural products.

·With advantageous conditions richly endowed by nature, Zaozhuang is rich in mineral resources.

Key industries

The modern agricultural industry

It focuses on the construction of a modern agricultural industrial system to attract investment, and emphasizes the construction of five major industrial zones such as grain and oil, vegetables, livestock and poultry, fruits and aquatic products with characteristics. In addition, it introduces new types of major projects for large-scale operation, and strives to develop family farms, farmers’ professional cooperatives, large farmers and other new business entities.

The medical and health industry

It gives full play to the guidance of the health care industry funds, increases support to industries such as biomedical and medical device boards, so as to foster biomedical industry clusters. In addition, it accelerates the construction of projects such as the Medical Device Industrial Park, the National Pharmacopoeia Museum, and the Health Industrial Park, so as to create a regional highlight for the development of medical care and health.

The lithium battery industry

It has built a relatively complete industrial chain of lithium battery materials - lithium battery - control system - testing and inspection - power battery. Based on standard advantages, efforts have been made to match, serialize and complete products. More attention shall be paid to attract investment in aspects of lithium materials, lithium batteries, control systems, inspection meetings, power batteries, energy storage batteries, etc., in order to boost the production chain of lithium products of new energy vehicle in Zaozhuang, and build a lithium industry base.

The big data industry

It focuses on the “Internet Town” to build distinctive Internet and Internet of Things economic industrial park and entrepreneurial platform for emerging industries. In addition, it gives priority to the introduction of projects in the fields of creative entrepreneurship, software development, technological retirement, tourism, etc., and focuses on software development, big data R&D applications, e-commerce, etc. It accelerates the formation of scale effect and further promotes the construction of the project “Intelligent Zaozhuang 6161”.

The high-end chemical industry

It plays the role of a platform for technological innovation and industrialization of new chemical materials from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. By extending the coal industry chain and upgrading the coal coking industry chain, and developing the industrial chain of fine chemicals and new chemical materials, it follows a coal-based, coal-extended and coal-exceeded path for development. In this case, it further promotes the transformation and upgrading of safe production in the chemical industry and promotes the development and intensive development of enterprise personnel.

The equipment manufacturing industry

It focuses on high-end numerical control machine tools, intelligent mining equipment, chemical machinery equipment, paper machine equipment, advertising equipment, heating and cooling equipment, advanced textile printing and dyeing equipment, special valves and other special equipment.

The chemical industry

It focuses on the cigarette filter tip, ethylic acid silk fabric, engineering plastics, coal derived new energy, pharmaceutical intermediates, warm fiber composites, high-purity electronic chemicals, high-performance water processing and other fields.