Strong Strength in Science and Technology

Source: 01-08-2023 19:03:00

Advance self-reliance in science and technology. Adhering to the requirements for technological innovation in four aspects (world's cutting-edge science and technology, main economic battlefields, the state's major demands, and the people's life and health), Shandong strengthens its sci-tech strategy as the foundation and strives to be the leading force nationwide in pursuing high-level sci-tech self-reliance.

Build top-level innovation platforms. 9 provincial laboratories are under construction in Shandong. The number of provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship communities with complete elements of "Government, Industry, Education, Research, Finance, Service and Achievement" reached 31 and the academician workstations 444.

It speeds the establishment of a national laboratory in the marine field and built a "1313" four-level laboratory system to create a rich source of original innovation. Many mega-science programs and projects have been carried out and a number of major sci-tech infrastructures laid out, including the built Jinan Science and Technology Innovation City-CAS and the COMS-CAS with high standards, so as to build a comprehensive national science center in China.

Efforts have been made to accelerate the construction of national technological innovation centers, industrial innovation centers, manufacturing innovation centers, and clinical medical research centers, attracting first-class universities, scientific research institutes and multinational companies at home and abroad to set up R&D institutions in Shandong, which is also a gathering place for R&D centers of central enterprises.

Improve capability in technological innovation. Shandong takes action to improve the system for innovation policies, strengthened the integrated allocation of projects, platforms, talents and funds in science and technology, carried out the ten-year action plan on basic research, promoted major technological innovation projects and sci-tech demonstration projects, and implemented systems such as "Pledges Signing" and "Competition for Critical Projects", to accelerate the research on core technologies in key fields.


By giving full play to the role of higher educational institutions, research institutes and new R&D institutions in supporting innovation, an organic network is to be formed connecting chains of education, talents, innovation, and industries.

By strengthening the leading role of enterprises in innovation, Shandong sees a boom in innovation vitality. As of the end of 2022, there were 35,000 small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, 362 national specialized, fined, peculiar and new "little giants" enterprises, 5,777 provincial specialized, fined, peculiar and new enterprises, and 757 little giant enterprises, ranking third in China in terms of the number.

Shandong implements the plan to double the number of high-tech enterprises, supports leading enterprises in establishing innovation associations, and acts to improve the coverage of R&D institutions in large and medium-sized enterprises.

A high-level regional technology trading market and a number of pilot test bases have been set up, creating a national highland for the transfer and transformation of sci-tech achievements.

Introduce and cultivate top-notch innovative talents. Shandong improves the mechanism for targeted training and introduction of "high-levels, elites, top leaderships, and urgently-needed people", carries out the "Taishan" and "Qilu" talent projects, and gives full play to the advantages of talents from central units in Shandong. In this way, numerous strategic scientists and top talents have been gathered here and a large number of basic research talents, young sci-tech talents, outstanding engineers, and Qilu great craftsmen have been fostered, creating a first-class pool of sci-tech leading talents and high-level innovation teams.

It strengthens the mission and guidance set for talents and improve the evaluation and incentive system and income distribution policies, to create a positive environment that respects knowledge and talents, so that more talented people will come to Shandong to compete and shine through on the racing track of innovation and entrepreneurship!