Shandong\'s new achievements in artificial intelligence were unveiled at the "Light of the Internet" Expo

Source:The seanews 11-09-2023 10:05:15

On November 8, the 2023 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, themed "Building an inclusive, universally beneficial and resilient digital world - working together to build a community of common destiny in cyberspace", opened as scheduled, marking the annual "Wuzhen time" for the global Internet.

The Wuzhen Summit has become an important platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to compete to showcase new technologies and applications.Walking into the "Light of the Internet" Expo, one of the highlights of the conference, and shuttling between the highly technological exhibition halls, the reporter deeply felt that Internet technology is becoming "tangible" from "remote and unreachable" and deeply integrated into all aspects of people's lives.

It's not enough to just scan your face, now you can pay by raising your hand!Tencent's "WeChat Palm Pay" attracts tourists to stop and experience."Palm Pay adopts the most advanced 'palmprint + palm vein' recognition technology, through industry-leading AI algorithms and software and hardware technology, to achieve user-friendly, non-contact, high-convenience, high-security payment, filling the domestic gap." The relevant person in charge of Tencent's exhibition area said that at present, this technology is gradually applied to transportation, office, campus, fitness, retail, catering and other fields.

Shandong enterprises also showed up at the conference.Interaction can be achieved by waving and saying hello - the latest AI interactive digital person launched by Inspur Group represents the cutting-edge direction of the development of digital person."The superposition of multiple AI technologies makes the image of digital person more realistic. Based on the latest large language model, we endowed it with rich knowledge and it can have more natural communication and interaction with people." Wang Peiyuan, general manager of digital person product department of Shandong Inspur Ultra-high-definition Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. said that in the future, this kind of service-oriented digital person is expected to be widely applied in commercial retail and public services, such as medical health consultation.

After ten years of development, the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit has become an important vane for the development of new-generation digital technology.  The participation in this conference has seen many Chinese solutions, Chinese wisdom and Chinese responsibility for the digital transformation of the economy and society, which is of great significance for the development of Inspur.  Wei Daisen, vice president of Inspur Group and general manager of Inspur Tongruan, said that Inspur Tongruan released Haiyue software this year, covering intelligent ERP, industrial software, PaaS platform, and accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises from the two aspects of digital management and production operation.