Improve the Ecological Industrial Chain for Robots and Strengthen Zibo\'s Manufacturing in Diverse Sectors

Source:The seanews 05-29-2023 11:12:28

In daily life and industrial production, more and more simple and repeated manual work is starting to be done by intelligent robots such as cleaning robots, transfer robots, welding and painting robots, and automatic packaging robots. No doubt the robot industry has become one of the fastest-growing new economic industries. In Zibo City, the manufacturing industry enjoys a solid industrial foundation and robots have been applied to diverse scenarios. Especially in recent years, with the in-depth promotion of the "Action to Transform a Thousand Technologies and Upgrade a Thousand Enterprises," many industrial robot application enterprises have emerged in automobile, textile, medicine, chemical engineering, new materials, food, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Market demand drives production and supply. Up to now, Zibo City is home to 13 key robot enterprises, mainly involving sub-sectors such as key parts production, robot body production and robot integration, providing strong support for automation and convenience in production and life.

Next, Zibo will further improve the industrial chain, focus on upstream and downstream enterprises, introduce leading enterprises in the robot industry and enterprises that are absent in Zibo's industrial chain, supplement, strengthen and extend the industrial chain in a targeted way, attract more high-quality elements, and develop an ecological industrial chain for robots that covers "core parts, robot body, and application" is formed.