China\'s Laser Third Pole Accelerates its Rise

Source:The seanews 05-19-2023 18:31:24

As the 2023 World Laser Industry Conference was held in Jinan, the industrial, supply, and ecological chains of Jinan's laser industry continue to be optimized and upgraded. China's laser industry landscape shows a "Tri-Polar" pattern, with Shenzhen in the south, Wuhan in the middle and Jinan in the north.

Jinan's laser industry is rooted in the deep foundation of the machine tool industry. The industry gradually develops and grows by relying on import and export trade. Now it has become an important cluster featuring a complete industrial chain and outstanding scale advantages, with an industrial scale of 15 billion yuan. The export scale of laser equipment focusing on laser cutting reaches 4 billion yuan, ranking first in China. Small and medium-power pump sources account for over 80% of the domestic market. It has formed a made-in-Jinan brand effect at home and abroad.

Industrial development is inseparable from the industrial carrier. Jinan has built Qilu Optics Valley as the core carrying area of the laser industry. Located in Jinan Lingang Economic Development Zone, Qilu Optics Valley covers an area of about 486.6 hectares (7,300 mu), with an industrial space layout of "one axis and two wings". It gathers leading laser enterprises such as Bodor and Gweike, connects transportation resources such as Dongjia Railway Freight Station, Xiaoqinghe Port, and Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, and strongly leads the development of the laser industry by relying on scientific and technological innovation resources such as Shandong University, Qilu Zhongke Institute of Optical Physics and Engineering Technology, and Shandong Academy of Sciences.