Shandong Issues Policies for High-quality Development of Nuclear Power Equipment Industry

Source:Haibao News 12-22-2023 11:00:00

Nine departments, including the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, have recently jointly released the Measures for Shandong Province to Promote the High-quality Development of the Nuclear Power Equipment Industry (the Measures for short). They introduced eight measures aimed at strengthening the nuclear power equipment industry’s scale and strength, and addressing existing shortcomings in the industrial chain.

Since 2023, focusing on the Chain Chief System, Shandong has effectively utilized the opportunities from substantially developing nuclear power resources to accelerate the transformation and upgrade of its nuclear power equipment industry while enhancing its industrial scale and manufacturing capacity. From January to November, the key monitoring enterprises recorded an operating revenue of RMB 3.95 billion, denoting a 23.4% increase year on year.

In accordance with the Measures, the province will rely on key enterprises engaging in nuclear power development or acting as chain owners to incorporate a range of “blank-filling” enterprises and “supplementary” projects into the chain. There will be a particular emphasis on attracting large and strong enterprises and cutting-edge high-end projects. The goal is to achieve notable advancements through the introduction of leading enterprises and pivotal projects. Moreover, for newly established nuclear power equipment projects, corresponding districts and municipal governments will take the lead in providing comprehensive “one-stop” service support. Additionally, key projects with investments exceeding RMB 100 million may receive increased equipment grants and financial credit support.