Shandong Realizes Multi-Variety, Small-Batch, and Large-Scale Customized Production in the Textile Industry

Source:Dazhong Daily 06-25-2023 14:44:00

In recent days, the production workshop at Shandong Runfeng Textile has been operating at high speed, with rows of carding machines rushing to complete orders. Runfeng Textile is a textile company that specializes in R&D, production, and sales of high-end yarns. In recent years, Runfeng Textile has benchmarked cutting-edge technology and deepened technological transformation, focusing on improving equipment automation levels and constantly developing new technology-based products with promising market prospects and high added value, thereby opening up sales space in both domestic and foreign markets.

Similarly, Shandong Zhink New Material Co., Ltd., (Zhink) another company engaged in the textile industry, faces an urgent need for upgrading the industry. Since 2018, Zhink has implemented technological transformation and built a 200,000-spindle multi-variety intelligent spinning factory in cooperation with Haier's COSMOPlat. By using core technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and industrial Internet, Zhink has achieved digital transformation in multiple links including supply, production, and marketing. Since then, it has become the first multi-variety intelligent spinning factory in China and achieved multi-variety, small-batch, and large-scale customized production.

The textile industry is an integral part of Shandong's industrial economy, with a development history spanning over half a century. For traditional industries such as textiles, Shandong is guiding manufacturing enterprises to change their production models and pursuing breakthroughs by seeking motivation from "intelligent changes" and vitality from "digital transformation", thereby driving the transformation and upgrading of the industry.