Shandong Focuses on Five Aspects to Continuously Expand Private Investment Fields

Source:Haibao News 01-08-2024 11:00:00

Recently, Shandong issued Several Measures for Further Strengthening the Support for Private Investment Development, focusing on five aspects, namely new construction, revitalization, factors, environment, and mechanisms.

It focuses on "new construction" to continuously expand the fields of private investment. It shall strictly implement the latest version of the negative list for market access in China.

Focusing on "revitalization", Shandong Province will guide private investors to actively participate in the revitalization of existing state-owned assets. Through the introduction of strategic investors and other means, it encourages private capital to engage in infrastructure projects.

Focusing on "factors", Shandong Province will strengthen the policy guarantee of private investment projects. It will also establish a provincial-level key private investment project database and boost the coordination and guarantee of land, energy consumption, and other factors for key private investment projects.

It focuses on the "environment" to improve the environment for the sound development of private investment. This includes the establishment of channels for reflecting and solving private investment problems.

Focusing on "mechanisms", it sets up dispatching evaluation mechanisms. Furthermore, it will support all cities to focus on key areas of private investment such as manufacturing and sci-tech innovation according to their actual situations and regularly evaluate the implementation of various policies and measures for private investment promotion.