Binzhou in Shandong Accelerates the Construction of Industrial Clusters for New Energy and New Materials

Source:The seanews 07-21-2023 10:05:00

At the 2023 China (Binzhou) New Energy and New Materials Industrial Development Conference, 42 major investment cooperation projects were signed and to be implemented in Binzhou, with a total amount of 126.704 billion yuan.

As a city with strong high-end chemical industries in Shandong Province, Binzhou has formed five major industrial clusters including the petrochemical industry, marine and salt chemical industry, fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical chemical industry and coal chemical industry. Binzhou is accelerating the construction of industrial clusters for new energy and new chemical materials.

By the end of 2022, Binzhou's installed capacity of new and renewable energy power generation machines has reached 4,996,800 KW, including 1,685,400 KW for wind power machines, 3,045,900 KW for photovoltaic power generation machines, and 265,500 KW for biomass and waste power generation machines. The annual generating capacity of Binzhou reached 8,181,000,000 KWh, ranking 6th in Shandong Province.

In terms of new materials, Binzhou boasts 193 chemical production enterprises above the designated size. In 2022, the main business revenue of Binzhou's high-end chemical industrial cluster reached 232.2 billion yuan, up 5% year on year. In terms of chemical enterprises, Binzhou now boasts one National Enterprise Technical Center, 26 provincial enterprise technical centers and five provincial "chain owner" enterprises of high-end chemical industries, with main products covering more than 200 categories such as clean oil products.