Shandong Creates More Development Space for Aquaculture and Promotes Intelligent Aquaculture Management by Using Advanced Technologies

Source:Haibao News 12-13-2023 11:00:00

Recently, a symposium on the high-quality development of fisheries in Shandong Province was held in Jinan. According to the symposium, Shandong has taken deep-sea aquaculture as the main development direction and managed to develop four major deep-sea aquaculture methods, i.e. gravity-type deep-water net cages, tubular-pile-type purse seining, large truss-type net cages and aquaculture boats. Now, Shandong has built more than 2,200 gravity-type deep-water net cages and 26 sets of large deep-sea aquaculture equipment, with more than 2.4 million cubic meters of aquaculture water and an annual supply of 40,000 tons of high-quality marine fish.

Shandong has consolidated scientific research forces, creatively developed movable submersible and semi-submersible steel equipment, and applied new materials and facilities such as tortoiseshell-like netting[1233]  and underwater net washing robots with good biofouling prevention effect and strong foreign object resistance to deep-sea aquaculture. Meanwhile, Shandong has utilized the big data management system to monitor the whole process of the five main modules of aquaculture data, environmental data, equipment status, safety status, and sea area conditions and promote intelligent deep-sea aquaculture management in fields such as intelligent feeding, early warning and forecasting, water quality assessment, and active aquaculture expert services.