Shandong: Focusing on Rural Revitalization and the Quality and Efficiency Improvement of the Advantageous and Characteristic Agricultural Whole Industrial Chain

Source:Haibao News 01-09-2024 11:00:00

Recently, the Shandong Development and Reform Commission specially interpreted the List of Policies for Promoting Economic Consolidation and Improvement and Accelerating Green, Low-carbon, and High-quality Development in 2024. It is reported that the 42nd and 43rd items in the List of Policies mainly involve the provincial-level demonstration area of the Shandong model for rural revitalization, the integrated promotion area for rural revitalization, and pilot projects for the quality and efficiency improvement of the advantageous and characteristic agricultural whole industrial chain.

Adhering to the principle of adapting to the local conditions of villages and taking regional development as the starting point and people's needs as the orientation, we will promote the unity of Party building, resource consolidation, industrial integration, and talent aggregation in the region and strive to create a rural revitalization belt and a demonstration area of the Shandong model.

Relying on advantageous and characteristic agriculture, we take the cultivation of new growth poles as the key point and the improvement of interest linkage mechanisms as the bond to facilitate the organic integration of agricultural production, primary processing in the production area, intensive processing, distribution and marketing, and brand promotion. Regarding support priorities, we select some advantageous and characteristic industries such as grain cultivation, protected vegetable (edible fungi) plantation, livestock and poultry breeding, fishery, forestry, and fruit growing to promote the quality and efficiency improvement of the whole industrial chain. Regarding support policies, the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance provides a subsidy of 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan for each industry of planting and animal husbandry as well as a three-year subsidy of 200 million yuan for each industry of prawn cultivation and deep-sea aquaculture.