Liaocheng City in Shandong: A total of 80 Municipal Modern Agricultural Industrial Parks Have Been Built

Source:Haibao News 12-29-2023 11:00:00

On December 27, the Information Office of Liaocheng Municipal People's Government held a press conference to introduce the development of rural characteristic industries in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. In recent years, Liaocheng has relied on the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks to promote the integration of production, processing, and sales and the development of the whole chain, thus giving full play to the role of the industrial parks in guiding farmers to increase income. Thanks to these efforts, remarkable achievements have been made in developing industries by building industrial parks.

Liaocheng has given full play to the effect of "agglomeration" and promoted the construction of industrial parks based on local characteristics in a tiered manner. Efforts have been made to strengthen industrial planning and guide all counties to select 1-2 leading industries with local characteristics to shift from decentralized operation and traditional production to standardized and large-scale agglomeration development. For example, the leading industries such as Dong'e Black Donkey, Shenxian Vegetable, Yanggu Poultry, Gaotang Fancy Carp, Guanxian Ganoderma Lucidum, and Linqing Phellinus Igniarius have built a total of 80 municipal modern agricultural industrial parks.

Liaocheng has maximized the role of "linkage" and guided farmers to increase their income through multiple channels. Liaocheng has taken "serving and benefiting rural areas, agriculture, and farmers" as the starting point and purpose of the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks. It has encouraged the establishment of new businesses and the provision of job opportunities in the industrial parks, thus leaving more value-added income from industries to the localities and farmers.