Weicheng District Makes Major Progress in Building a Maglev Industrial Cluster Worth Over 100 Billion Yuan

Source:The seanews 05-29-2023 11:16:06

At present, the main structure of the Project of the High-end R&D Center of the Maglev Transportation Industrial Base in Weifang City has been established. It is expected that the project will be completed and put into use within this year. By then, maglev experimental operations can be carried out. After completion, it will achieve an output value of 1 billion yuan within five years and 10 billion yuan within ten years and strives to build a maglev industrial cluster that has an output value of more than 100 billion yuan and enjoys domestically leading technology and a complete industrial chain. Meanwhile, upstream and downstream resources of the maglev industry will be integrated to build a whole industrial chain for rail transit integrating "R&D design, key components, engineering construction, operation and maintenance."

With a total investment of 620 million yuan and a land area of 180 mu (about 12 hectares), the Project of the High-end R&D Center of the Maglev Transportation Industrial Base is listed as a major project in Shandong Province in 2023. A high-end R&D center will be built in the first stage, including three maglev test lines and a manufacturing center for the new maglev transportation industrial cluster will be built in the second stage. Notably, the Maglev Transportation Industrial Base will rely on the latest maglev transportation R&D results to provide key technologies, complete sets of equipment and technical services for medium-low speed maglev transportation systems. Besides, the project has established cooperation with large central SOEs such as China Railway Group Limited and CRRC Corporation Limited, and introduced the technical team of Hunan Genguiji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to gather top maglev experts in Weifang. Meanwhile, projects in new-generation information technology, high-end intelligent equipment, new materials and other fields have been introduced. By doing so, Weifang City strives to develop itself into the "City of Maglev in China."