Made in Qingdao: China\'s First "Flying" Train

Source:The seanews 05-19-2023 18:34:28

The train is flying in the air, full of futuristic sense. On May 11, China's first suspended "sky train", the "Optics Valley Photon", started its test run in Wuhan. Such a high-tech train is made in Qingdao by CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd.

It is reported that the full name of the "sky train" is the suspended monorail train, which differs from traditional transportation. Its track is supported in the air by steel structure columns, and the train body hangs below the track beam to "fly" in the air, so it is called "sky train". It has the advantages of reserving right-of-way on the ground, low cost, short construction period, strong environmental adaptability, safety and environmental protection, good landscape effect, etc. It is a new rail transit tool with both commuting and sightseeing functions.

With high intelligence, the train can realize intelligent perception and driving. It has a full-automatic driving function. During driving, the vehicle startup, parking, door opening and closing are automatically controlled without manual operation, and the driver and passengers only need to deal with emergencies on board. The running gear adopts multi-stage damping technology. The train is equipped with advanced damping systems such as pneumatic rubber wheels, air springs for high-speed railways, and multidirectional composite dampers to filter the vibration caused by track irregularities to the maximum extent, so that the running stability reaches the national standard excellent level and the riding experience is more comfortable. At the same time, the train also adopts efficient and energy-saving "low-carbon" technologies such as permanent magnet motor traction, lightweight bodywork, and variable frequency air conditioning to reduce the per capita energy consumption by 15%.