High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Source: 01-11-2023 19:01:00

Industry Introduction

Main fields: High-end equipment manufacturing industry refers to the high-end fields of equipment manufacturing, mainly including aviation industry, satellite and application industry, rail traffic equipment industry, ocean engineering equipment, and intelligent manufacturing equipment.

Major parks: Weichai International Supporting Industrial Park, Weifang Marine Power Equipment Industrial Park, Jinan Rail Traffic Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, Qingdao Rail Traffic Key Equipment Industrial Park, and Shandong Heavy Industry (Laiwu, Jinan) Million Complete Vehicles Green Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial City Park.


Promotion measures

Strengthen organization and coordination: give full play to the driving role of high-end equipment teams in planning and coordination, strengthen departmental coordination and linkage, and work to build a new industrial chain ecosystem.

Reinforce financial support: actively support enterprises to strive for the first (set) of insurance compensation at the national and provincial levels, promote supply chain finance, select more than 30 key enterprises in the high-end equipment industry chain every year, and guide commercial banks to provide credit support for qualified upstream and downstream enterprises.

Enhance talent support: implement the reward system for cutting-edge technical talent in key industrial chains.

Fortify policy support: expand the import of high-tech equipment and key components, and give discount interests for imported high-tech equipment and key components of "Top Ten Industries" listed in the Catalog of Technology and Products Encouraged by Shandong Province.


Industrial Cluster

Weifang High-end Power Equipment Industrial Cluster

Weifang High-end Power Equipment Industrial Cluster has pooled more than 140 enterprises, accounting for more than 30% of the industry's total in China. Regarding the industrial chain of power equipment, Weifang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone has launched the "one chain, one policy" tax solution for the centralized service management of the chain backbone Weichai Group and major players on the chain such as Power HF Co., Ltd., FOTON, and Shengrui Transmission Corporation Limited. To strengthen the foundation of the industrial chain, Weifang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone relies on the tax expert consulting system and business backbone to establish a "butler team" by chain to support services, aiming to coordinate, summarize, report, and solve the needs and problems of enterprises. The establishment is based on an industrial chain map and corresponding list and in the mode of "one industrial chain, one special team, and one expert consulting team".

Construction Machinery Industrial Cluster in Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area in Linyi

Linyi has initially fostered a construction machinery industrial cluster led by complete machine manufacturers such as Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SDLG), Volvo Construction Machinery, Strong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., and Linyi Huaxia Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and supported by supporting manufactures including Lingong Jinli Machinery Co., Ltd., Katsushiro Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd., Dexin Machinery, and Zhengda Machinery. Linyi has established a complete modern industrial development system.

Qingdao Rail Traffic Equipment Industrial Cluster

Qingdao has more than 260 enterprises engaged in rail traffic equipment manufacturing and over 110 enterprises above the designated size. Qingdao boasts a complete industrial innovation system and has established an internationally advanced and domestically leading independent innovation system. In addition, the city has 13 national technology R&D centers including the National Innovation Center for High-end Intelligent Household Appliance Manufacturing (the only national-level innovation center for high-speed train technology in China) and the National Engineering Laboratory of High-Speed Train System Integration.