Shandong Works to Develop a National Characteristic Cluster for the Fine Chemical Industry

Source:The seanews 09-26-2023 09:16:00

At the construction site of the Fine Chemical Industrial Park in the Juye Economic Development Zone, Heze City, Shandong Province, machines were humming and running in full swing.

The project of Shandong Heyu Runfeng New Material Co., Ltd. is a key fine chemical industrial chain project in the Juye Economic Development Zone. Of the products of the company, acid anhydride curing agents, resin materials, and battery electrolyte solvents need raw materials such as pure benzene, methanol, and propylene oxide provided by Shandong Juye Wanshan Weiye Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Chenyao Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Jufeng New Energy Co., Ltd., and other enterprises in the Fine Chemical Industrial Park. Meanwhile, the by-product of 220,000 tons of steam can be obtained during the production process and can be provided to other enterprises in the Park, thus forming a closed loop for the industrial chain.

This year, Shandong's Juye County will beef up efforts to strengthen the transformation of the fine chemical industry. Specifically, the county will guide enterprises to pursue high-end, intelligent, green, and clustered development, formulate relevant policies and measures with high standards, build a system for the fine chemical industry characterized by high industrial agglomeration, complete upstream and downstream chains, and strong overall competitiveness, and develop a national characteristic cluster for the fine chemical industry and a benchmarking base for the coal coking industry in Shandong Province.