State Science and Technology Awards Granted for 35 Scientific And Technological Achievements of Shandong Province

Source: 06-27-2024 16:34:52

On June 24, the results of the 2023 State Science and Technology Awards were announced and a total of 35 scientific and technological achievements in Shandong won the honor. To be specific, seven of these achievements were spearheaded by entities or individuals in Shandong Province, while 28 were collaborative efforts.

Focusing on scientific innovation, these achievements bolster the high-quality development of advantageous industries. The 35 award-winning scientific and technological achievements were made in various areas, including new energy and materials, high-end equipment, next-generation information technology, high-end chemical industry, to name a few. Their application and promotion effectively empower the development of industries.

The leading role of enterprises in innovation has become more prominent. Among the achievements, 27 were led by enterprises in Shandong Province or realized with their efforts. Shandong Energy and Haier Smart Home both received the sole national awards in the mining and household appliance manufacturing industries, respectively.

The innovation capability in industry-university-research collaboration sees continuous improvements. Among the award-winning projects in Shandong Province, 31 were fulfilled through collaboration between enterprises and universities and research institutes. Universities, research institutes, and enterprises are working together toward the same targets to accelerate the integration of innovative resources. The advantages of collaboration are gradually shown, driving more high-quality scientific and technological achievements to be recognized by national awards.