Shandong Implements Special Actions to Accelerate the Industrialization of Patented Technologies

Source: 06-26-2024 14:23:01

Recently, the General Office of the People's Government of Shandong Province issued the Special Action Implementation Plan for Patent Commercialization and Utilization in Shandong Province. It specifies that by 2025, the patent industrialization rate of higher education institutions and research institutes in Shandong will be significantly improved, the turnover of technology contracts involving patents will reach 50 billion yuan, and the output value of registered and identified patent-intensive products will exceed 85 billion yuan.

The Implementation Plan puts forward five key tasks: sorting out and revitalizing existing patents, improving the quality of patent creation, empowering the innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting industrial chain reinforcement and efficiency improvement, and advancing the development of patent-intensive products. The purpose is to improve the "source quality" of patent commercialization and boost industrial chain reinforcement and efficiency improvement.

There are three key tasks: improving incentive measures for patent commercialization in higher education institutions and research institutes, optimizing the policy orientation to promote patent commercialization, and improving the intellectual property protection system. The purpose is to enhance the "main driving force" of patent commercialization and facilitate the implementation of patent industrialization.

It also puts forward four key tasks: strengthening the development of the intellectual property operation system, enhancing financial support for intellectual property, improving the service level of intellectual property, and serving the international circulation of intellectual property elements. The purpose is to serve the in-depth integration of patents with market factors such as technology, capital, and talent and accelerate the transformation of patented technology achievements into new quality productive forces.