“50 Items of Zibo Talent Policy” Issued

Source:The seanews 08-23-2022 17:08:19

Zibo deepens the implementation of its strategy “Building a strong city with talents”, and persists in leading talent agglomeration and development via policy innovation. In November 2019, it enacted the “37 Items of Zibo Talent Policy”, which has achieved remarkable results after more than 2 years of implementation. “50 Items of Zibo Talent Policy” is regarded as an upgrade and enhancement to “37 Items of Zibo Talent Policy”. In light of the principle “Raising standard, expanding coverage, and making innovation”, Zibo City, based on the original talent policy, rolled out a series of more innovative and effective policy measures, in order to perfect its talent policy and maintain the leading role and competitiveness of Zibo Talent Policy.

According to “50 Items of Zibo Talent Policy” consists of 6 parts (including “Accelerating the Building of a High-quality Talent Team”, “Motivating Young Talents to Come to and Work at Zibo”, “Expanding Channels to Introduce Talents”, “Making Innovations in Talent Development System and Mechanism”, “Building a High-level Carrier for Talent Platform”, “Developing the First-rate Ecology for Talent Development”), Zibo City put forward 12 special talent programs such as Industrial Leading Talents Cultivation Program, Youth Elite Cultivation Program, and Skilled Talents Improvement Program), and formulated and put in place a series of measures (including 200,000 College Graduates Program and "Golden Seed" Support Plan) facilitating young talents to come to and work at Zibo. Besides, it innovatively carried out a series of unprecedented measures such as “Independent Evaluation of Intermediate Talents by Enterprises”, and expanded the living subsidy coverage to polytechnic school graduates and intermediate-level workers. In terms of some policies, Zibo City runs ahead of its counterparts in Shandong Province and even in China.

Expand policy coverage

Coverages of some existing policies are expanded.

For example, coverage of the High-level Talent Entrepreneurial Competition is expanded and integrated, and two competition channels are added for overseas returnees and college graduates.

Graduates above senior workers from polytechnic schools are included in those who are entitled to apply for talent apartments.

Support to college graduates from regions beyond Zibo is strengthened, college graduates outside of Zibo, who come to the city for internship, travel, and relative/friend visit, are entitled to a ticket-free policy in some tourist resorts, and the half-price policy when checking in at any youth post hotel.

Supported groups cover polytechnic school graduates and intermediate-level workers. Zibo is the first city that includes polytechnic school graduates and intermediate-level workers in its talent policy and changes the subsidy policy to junior college graduates from RMB 10,000 at one go to RMB 500/month in five consecutive years.

Raise policy support standard

Zibo City raises the support standard of some existing policies.

For example, in view of the fact that the number of provincial-level platforms in assessment decreases, the investment rises, and the difficulty increases, Zibo City raises the support standard for provincial-level key platforms from RMB 500,000 to RMB 1 million, in order to further stimulate the employer’s enthusiasm in the building of provincial-level platform.

For talents with bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, Zibo City raises the one-off house purchase subsidy from the original RMB 50,000 and RMB 80,000 to RMB 80,000 to RMB 120,000 respectively. Presently, Zibo City provides newly introduced polytechnic school graduates & intermediate-level workers, junior college graduates & senior workers, university graduates & probationary technicians, talents with master's degrees, and talents with a doctoral degree with a monthly living subsidy of RMB 300, RMB 500, RMB 1,000, RMB 2,000, and RMB 4,000 respectively in five consecutive years. When junior college graduates, talents with bachelor’s degrees, talents with master’s degrees, and talents with doctoral degrees purchase a house, Zibo City provides them with a one-off house purchase subsidy of RMB 30,000, RMB 80,000, RMB 120,000, and RMB 300,000 respectively. For comprehensive living subsidy and house purchase subsidy, Zibo City’s subsidy to polytechnic school graduates and intermediate-level workers is up to RMB 18,000, its subsidy to senior workers, up to RMB 30,000, its subsidy to junior college graduates and probationary technicians, up to RMB 60,000, its subsidy to talents with bachelor’s degree, up to RMB 140,000, its subsidy to talents with master’s degree, up to RMB 240,000, and its subsidy to talents with a doctoral degree, up to RMB 540,000. In addition, to talents with bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees who are newly introduced into disciplines above B+ in the “Four Strength” industries, another subsidy of RMB 1,000 will be given, implying the city leads Shandong province in support standard, etc.

Make innovations in policy

Zibo City makes an improvement to original blind spots in policies.

For example, the city adds special support to young sci-tech talents and industrial “Emerging” talents and fosters key promising talents ahead of schedule.

For example, it gives support to “Intermediate Talents”. Investigation results show that some key talents at core posts of enterprises were not included in the existing talent policy system for limitation by education background, age, talent program, patents, achievements, etc. Since enterprises have different needs for talents of this kind, it’s difficult to set a uniform standard. Due to this, in this policy upgrade, Zibo City permits enterprises to assess the “Intermediate talents”. If enterprises approve of the talents who meet given standards and conditions, Zibo City will give support to talents of this kind.

Besides, it’s the first time for Zibo City to give attention to those who work in Zibo for a long time: the city gives honor incentives to talents who work in Zibo for more than 10 years and provides them with preferential services such as price discount in a tourist resort and physical checkup. Such a move makes talents with long-term work experience in Zibo feel respected by the city.