Wulian County in Rizhao Introduced "Fourteen Talent Golden Policies"

Source:The seanews 03-22-2022 14:45:18

In order to vigorously implement the strategy of "strengthening the county with talents", stimulate the vitality of talent innovation and entrepreneurship, create a more attractive talent gathering area, and provide strong talent support for the construction of a prosperous, beautiful, delicate and dynamic modern splendid Wulian county, Wulian has issued the "Fourteen Talent Golden Policies".

All-round introduction of excellent talents

01 Attracting high-end talents

The high-level talent team introduced by the enterprise, newly selected as key talent project above provincial level, will be given a supporting fund of 200,000 to 1,000,000 yuan; Once selected as a municipal talent project, 70% of the total amount of supporting funds will be given. Employers will be given a one-time reward of 100,000 yuan for flexible introduction of provincial-level high-level talents.

02 Strengthening the team of urgently-needed talents

Employers introducing winners and excellent teachers of skills competitions at or above the municipal level from outside the county will be given a subsidy of 2000-5000 yuan per month within 3 years. High-level education, teaching, medical and health teams introduced from outside the county full-time to work in public schools and county-level public hospitals of our county will be given 300,000 yuan of supporting funds annually, and outstanding high school principals and hospital directors will be given 15,000 yuan of subsidies every month. Full-time postgraduate students and undergraduates of key universities who are recruited by the medical and health system will be subsidized 2,000 yuan per month for 3 years.

03 Gathering young talents

Full-time doctors who work in enterprises and public institutions during the period of employment will be subsidized 5,000 yuan per month; Full-time master's and undergraduate students who go to enterprises for employment will receive subsidies of 2,400 yuan and 1,000 yuan per month; Full-time college graduates who establish enterprises within 5 years of graduation and pay taxes in our county will be given a subsidy of 1,500 yuan per month. The above subsidies will be granted for 3 consecutive years.

04 Introduction of overseas talents

Foreign high-end talents and professionals newly introduced by enterprises will be rewarded with 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, with the highest annual reward of 200,000 yuan per enterprise. Enterprises that set up research and development institutions abroad and introduce foreign talents will be given a reward of 50,000 yuan, with the maximum reward of 100,000 yuan per year for each enterprise.

05 Attracting Wulian-born talents

Within 5 years, more than 100 personnel from government departments and public institutions outside Wulian will be brought back to work in Wulian county. For talents who return to their hometown to start their own business, they can apply for a start-up guarantee loan of up to 600,000 yuan and enjoy a discount interest policy within 3 years according to the regulations of higher authority.

Cultivating local talents at various levels

06 Targeted training of high-level practical talents

For those who are newly cultivated and selected as key high-level practical talents at or above the provincial level, employers recruiting such a talent will be given a reward of 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, and each employer will be given a maximum reward of 500,000 yuan per year. We will carry out a county-level selection of all kinds of excellent talents every two years. During the management period, each person will be given a subsidy of 600 yuan per month.

07 Carefully cultivating skilled personnel

The athletes and tutors who have won the bronze medal or above in the national vocational college skill competition and the silver medal or above in the provincial vocational college skill competition will be awarded 3,000-10,000 yuan per person. The Winner of third prize or above in county vocational skills competition will be awarded 1000-3000 yuan.

08 Delicacy management and training of industry talents

We will formulate various types of talent cultivation plans by classification, and train enterprises above designated size in rotation once in the county in 5 years. We will launch the "rural revitalization partners" campaign and self-employed entrepreneurs can apply for a start-up guarantee loan of up to 200,000 yuan, and enjoy a discount interest policy within 3 years according to the regulations of higher authority.

Full-cycle management and service for talents

09 Building a talent service platform

We will improve various talent databases, establish a supply and demand platform for employment and internship positions, and implement the "College Student Internship and Training in Wulian Program" to attract college students to come to Wulian county for internship practice, sketch creation, and expansion training.

10 Smooth green service channels

We will establish the "Wulian Talent Gold Card" system to provide green channels for cardholders in education, medical care, transportation and tourism. Assign service specialists for high-level talents above the municipal level.

11 Implementing the affordable housing project for talents

Housing subsidies of 600,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan will be given to the candidates of national key talents project introduced and cultivated full-time, Taishan series candidates, full-time doctoral students who have worked in Wulian for 5 years and who buy houses in Wulian for the first time. For college graduates newly introduced by enterprises who buy commercial housing in Wulian for the first time, a housing subsidy of 10,000 to 30,000 yuan will be granted. For college graduates who are newly employed by government agencies, enterprises and institutions in the county, a monthly rent subsidy of 300-500 yuan will be issued within 3 years.

Three-dimensional sound talent support platform

12 Stimulating the vitality of employers

If the annual profit and tax rate reaches the target, a one-time reward of 50,000 yuan will be given to the entrepreneurial enterprises included in the key monitoring range of provinces and cities. Qualified talents and enterprises will be given a maximum "talent loan" of 10 million yuan.

13 Improving platform aggregation function

The newly recognized talent innovation platform at or above the municipal level will be granted a reward of 50,000-1000,000 yuan. The newly recognized and archival academician workstations, post-doctoral research workstations, post-doctoral innovation and practice bases, and well-run science and technology incubators will be rewarded with 300,000 yuan. The newly identified national and provincial offshore innovation and entrepreneurship bases will be rewarded with 500,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan.

14 Encouraging the participation of social forces

We will introduce a group of specialized intermediary organizations to set up branches in our county, encourage and guide social forces and individuals to increase talent investment. The newly recognized national and provincial key human resource service enterprises will be rewarded with 200,000 yuan and100,000 yuan.

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