Management Measures for Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Bases in Shandong Province

Source:The seanews 02-28-2022 14:27:00

Basic requirements on organizations that can set up postdoctoral innovation practice bases: 

(I) Have independent legal persons and are in good shape;

(II) Be of certain scale and have specialized R&D institutions;

(III) Have high-caliber research teams and postdoctoral scientific research projects with innovative theories and technologies;

(IV) Attach importance to postdoctoral work and provide good scientific research environment and necessary living support to postdoctoral researchers;

A high-tech development zone, economic and technological development zone or overseas students' entrepreneurship park above the municipal level can establish a sub-base, as long as more than three qualified organizations in the zone or park submit applications at the same time.

Organizations that can meet one of the following requirements will be prioritized:

(I) Have key laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers, engineering laboratories, enterprise technology centers, clinical medical research centers, science and technology resources sharing service platforms, high-end think tanks and other scientific research and innovation platforms above the provincial level;

(II) Be designated as manufacturing innovation centers, technology innovation demonstration enterprises, high-tech enterprises, intellectual property demonstration enterprises above the provincial level;

(III) Have won science and technology awards above the provincial and ministerial level or have undertaken key R&D projects or major scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial level over the past five years;

(IV) Be recognized as promising technology enterprises in strategic emerging industries such as new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, new materials and bio-pharmaceuticals or enterprises founded by technology entrepreneurs or top talent introduced from overseas and have allocated a large share of sales revenue for R&D over the past three years;

(V) Be highly appraised by regulatory authorities and industry associations, take the lead in technology and research in the industry and play exemplary roles in the industry;

(VI) Adopt development strategies centered on military-civilian integration and be at advanced national (provincial) levels in related technology fields;

(VII) Perform important social service functions and have strong research and innovation capabilities as high-end new research organizations or research and cultural organizations;

(VIII) Play vital roles in developing rural revitalization models with Shandong's characteristics;

(IX) Meet other requirements set to implement major strategic plans led by the national government, Shandong Provincial Party Committee or People's Government of Shandong Province.

Base establishment procedures:

(I) Organizations that want to set up postdoctoral innovation practice bases should submit applications to local municipal human resources and social security administrations;

(II) The municipal human resources and social security administrations should review the applications, conduct field investigations and publish the list of qualified organizations;

(III) The qualified organizations should recruit the first postdoctoral researcher, complete base admission procedures for the researcher and then submit base establishment applications to local provincial human resources and social security administrations through municipal administrations.

(IV) The provincial human resources and social security administrations should review the applications, publish the list of bases established and grant plaques saying "Shandong Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base" to the bases.

Bases' talent development methods

The bases can recruit postdoctoral researchers that meet relevant national and provincial requirements through postdoctoral research workstations in Shandong and beyond. The bases can recruit postdoctoral researchers with methods including but not limited to the following:

(I) The bases can sign strategic cooperation agreements with postdoctoral research workstations on postdoctoral talent introduction, scientific research, research result application and others, so that the postdoctoral research workstations will recommend qualified postdoctoral researchers to the bases;

(II) The bases can reach out to people who have obtained doctoral degrees and are interested in their research projects and then cooperate with postdoctoral research workstations on corresponding research.

Base admission procedures for postdoctoral researchers:

(I) The base, the postdoctoral research workstation and the doctor should reach a consensus, sign a work agreement that clarifies the rights and obligations of the three parties;

(II) The postdoctoral research workstation should complete workstation admission procedures for the doctor, who can then work as a postdoctoral researcher;

(III) The base should register the postdoctoral researcher's information with the local provincial human resources and social security administration within three months after workstation admission procedures are completed;

(IV) The base should report the registration information to the local municipal human resources and social security administration.