Senior R&D engineer

Source:Zibo 05-05-2022 10:30:18

Employer Profile:      

Number of  Open Posts: 15

Major Field: Chemical, material and other related majors

Age Requirements:    18 years old and above

Educational Requirements:      Master's degree

Local Policies for Talent Support and Subsidies:   

Expected Country, Region and Institution of Candidate:      Unlimited

Location:     Huantai County, Zibo City, Shandong Province

Post Title:    Senior R&D engineer

Job Responsibilities:   The post's duties and responsibilities

Minimum Annual Salary:   RMB 240,000

Maximum Annual Salary:  RMB 360,000

Job Qualification:       Level 3 Mandarin Proficiency

Welfare Benefits: Free shuttle bus, meal allowance, performance bonus, five insurances and a housing provident fund, paid annual leave, regular medical checkups, festival benefits

Contact Person: Ms. Rong

Contact Number:      0533-8518616