Technical principal

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Employer Profile:       Established in May 2014, Shandong Zhongzhi Huajian Testing & Inspection Co., Ltd. is an impartial, scientific and comprehensive third-party institute of inspection and testing. The company has set up a public service platform to provide technical services such as product analysis, testing, inspection, certification and consulting, calibration and personnel training for enterprises specialized in food, fertilizer and chemical. Having finalized cooperation schemes with more than 100 enterprises, the company now is focusing on providing its partners with one-stop services and advancing product upgrading. With CMA, CATL and CNAS certifications, the company has been successively selected as a designated inspection agency for supervision and sampling inspection by the Shandong Administration for Market Regulation (formerly known as Shandong Provincial Food and Drug Administration), Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (formerly known as Shandong Provincial Agricultural Department and Shandong Provincial Marine and Fishery Department), Shandong Provincial Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Department of Natural Resources of Shandong Province (also known as Shandong Provincial Forestry Department) and other government supervisory agencies.

Number of  Open Posts: 1

Major Field: Chemistry, biology, food, environment, electronics, and other related majors

Age Requirements:    Under 40 years old

Educational Requirements:      Bachelor Degree

Local Policies for Talent Support and Subsidies:    Qualified candidates can submit an application in accordance with the policy on the introduction of talents and housing subsidies in the High-tech Zone.

Expected Country, Region and Institution of Candidate:      Unlimited


Post Title:    Technical principal

Job Responsibilities:   "1. Responsible for managing the daily work of the technical department personnel, formulating experimental plans, reasonably arranging testing projects, checking and supervising testing personnel to complete testing and analysis tasks according to the specified requirements;

2. Responsible for team building (culture, talent cultivation, etc.) in the technical department, maintaining a stable team and implementing the company's regulations and policies;

3. Responsible for the overall technical work of the Company;

4. Solve technical problems of the Company and organize relevant technical personnel to overcome technical difficulties;

5. Prepare, organize and implement new laboratories and certifications;

6. Responsible for developing implementation plans for new projects;

7. Responsible for organizing technical exchanges and consultations inside and outside the company;

8. Complete other work assigned by the general manager."

Minimum Annual Salary:   RMB 300,000

Maximum Annual Salary:  RMB 800,000

Job Qualification:       "1. Intermediate engineer (including intermediate) or above in chemistry, biology, food, environment, electronics and other related fields, with a Bachelor's degree or above;

2. More than 5 years of work experience in third-party testing companies, to which the testing field is not limited; be familiar with the relevant national standards, and can fully manage the daily work of the laboratory;

3. Ability to develop and improve laboratory rules and regulations, and able to complete the laboratory set-up in terms of personnel and technology;

4. Strong analytical planning ability for the preparation of new testing projects; be familiar with the validation and review of new testing projects;

5. Understanding of the industry trend and foresight on the industry development.

6. Ability to improve laboratory workflow and technical innovation;

7. Spirit of pioneering dedication and responsible attitude, as well as the courage to"

Welfare Benefits:

Contact Person: Wei Lixia

Contact Number:      0537-3159965