Boshan Economic Development Zone

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Located in the northern part of Boshan District, Boshan Economic Development Zone covers an administrative area of 31.98 square kilometers. It has a long history of industrial development and takes pride in dominant industrial clusters. With focuses on economic development, industrial development, investment attraction, industrial park development and enterprise services, the economic development zone highlights the development of leading industries such as electromechanical pump industry (including casting), intelligent automobile manufacturing, health care and medicine and digital economy. There are now 68 industrial enterprises above designated size, 15 high-tech enterprises, 25 R&D institutions at provincial and higher levels, and 1 provincial makerspace. It has been awarded the honorary title of “National Torch Plan - Pump Industry Base”, “National Traditional Intellectual Property Demonstration Zone”, “High-end Equipment Manufacturing Base of Shandong Province”, “Provincial Demonstration Platform for Entrepreneurship and Public Services in Economic Development Zone”.


A leading area for the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones in Boshan District, a gathering place for high-end industrial development and an innovative demonstration area for investment promotion and talent attraction


We have relatively complete industrial system. Under the spillover effects of key projects, industries including high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, health care and medicine have witnessed rapid development, which lead to the continuous extension of the industrial chains and the improvement of supporting capacity. At the same time, there are a number of backbone enterprises which have significant competitive advantages over their counterparts in China. The leading backbone enterprises represented by Hua Cheng Group, Shan Dong Shan Bo Electric Machine Group Co., Ltd, Nash, Shandong Boshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd have greatly driven the development of upstream and downstream enterprises in related industries, enjoying high popularity and reputation in respective industry.

We have strong brands and brand-name products. Nash, Zibo Yinshilai Textile (group) Co., Ltd, Hua Cheng Group, Shandong Longquan Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd, Shandong Luqiao New Material Co., Ltd and other leading backbone enterprises have drafted or participated in the formulation of industry standards, which have great power of discourse in respective industry. Honorary titles, such as “New Industrial Industry Demonstration Base of Shandong Province”, “Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Industry Base of Shandong Province” and “Famous Chinese City of Pump Industry”, have become an important gilded signboard for foreign investment, cooperation and exchange in this region.

We have kept enhancing our capability of scientific and technological innovation. In recent years, the economic development zone has established technical cooperation with more than 20 institutions of higher education and research institutes, including Beihang University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Six research institutes have been set up, including Boyi Smart Energy Research Institute, Electrical Technology Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zibo Mechanical and Electrical Pump Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Boshan Green Digital Economy Research Institute. High-standard platforms and center, such as “casting cloud” service platform and Zibo Public Service Center for Inspection and Testing of High-efficiency Electric Motors have been established, which enhanced the R&D capability of local leading industries.

Leading industries

Electromechanical pump industry. The electromechanical pump industry focuses on the driving force of innovation, brand and capital, and highlights the synchronized research and manufacturing of complete intelligent equipment, key basic materials and core components with the aim to enhance the complete production network. Efforts are made to promote the deep integration of information technology and industrialization in equipment manufacturing industry, guide the suppliers to transform from providing traditional equipment or core components to multi-intelligent system solutions, and cultivate professional intelligent equipment system integrators which are able to provide overall design and solutions.

Intelligent automobile manufacturing. We stick to the orientation of developing “electric, intelligent, networked, lightweight” automobiles, and accelerate to cultivate the clusters of new energy auto parts. We have guided 6 leading backbone enterprises with assets over RMB 100 million and 12 with assets over RMB 10 million to speed up vertical integration and horizontal coordination so as to realize leapfrog development. By making the settlement of Geely Automobile in Zibo as a turning point, we adhere to the policy of playing the role of the leading enterprise and promoting the overall development with contributions from all players so as to form a good momentum of joint development. Based on Vicon’s qualification of modifying special purpose motor vehicle, we work hard to develop special purpose motor vehicle industry, trying to make it stronger and better. Therefore, a pattern of dual main businesses - “car and auto parts” has been formed.

Health care and medicine. We focus on high value-added innovative chemical drugs, expand and strengthen the dominant drug industrial chain and strengthen the pharmaceutical industry cluster; we accelerate to develop the cooperation base by leveraging “talents and projects” so as to cultivate medical equipment industry cluster featured by medical equipment and medical consumables; based on the project of building the demonstration zone of modern service industry cluster in Shandong Province, we have built a health and recreation base integrating TCM health care, Chinese and Western diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and leisure, TCM cultural display and tourism and holiday.

Digital economy. We implement special action plans to enhance scientific, technological and industrial innovation as well as profit-making capability with digital economy. We vigorously promote the industrialization of digital technologies and the digitalization of various industries. We promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, promote the transformation of the whole chain of traditional industries, and give rise to new models and new business models. We focus on the R&D and application of new-generation information technology, and accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and Internet of Things. We launch future industry cultivation plan, accelerate the projects of high-pressure hydrogen storage equipment and hydrogen fuel cell power stack, and improve the hydrogen energy industry chain. And we actively build industrial internet and cross-border e-commerce service platforms, and cultivate a number of reputable and strong platform-based enterprises.

Supportive Policies

We increase financial support for the development of leading industries, and establish funds for industrial development and innovative industry incubation, offering financing and investment support for industrial development and project incubation.

In order to provide enterprises with comprehensive services, we have accelerated the development of leading industry and launched supportive policies, such as supporting enterprises in their new projects, promoting technological transformation, building technological innovation platform, and introducing high-level talents and teams.

Based on the four leading industries, we have respectively cooperated with Shandong University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Beihang University, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), No. 21 Research Institute, Tsinghua Unigroup, iSESOL, Zen Capital and other institutions of higher education and enterprises, and set up Research Institute of Replacing the Old Growth Drivers with New Ones, Electric Motor Research Institute, Zibo New Energy Research Institute, Zibo Mechanical and Electrical Pump Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Boshan Green Digital Economy Research Institute, “Casting Cloud” Service Platform, Public Service Center for Inspection and Testing of Electric Motors. We offer a full range of technical consultation services and promote development and cooperation, facilitating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and propelling industrial transformation and upgrading.

For major industrial projects, we provide preferential treatment in project approval, guarantee of essential productive factors, fee reduction and so on.

For major industrial projects with particularly large investment scale and strong driving capacity, we implement “one project, one policy” system and give more preferential policy support.


Hua Cheng Group, Shan Dong Shan Bo Electric Machine Group Co., Ltd, Nash, Zibo Yinshilai Textile (group) Co., Ltd, Shandong Beiqi Hai Hua Automobile Parts Co., Ltd, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd, Zibo Boyi New Energy Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd


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