Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Zone profile

Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone was upgraded to a national economic and technological development zone in April 2010, with a management area of 118.74 square kilometers and a permanent population of 168,000. It now administers 2 streets of Beijing Road and Kuishan, and 92 villages (communities) .

Industry base

The industrial system is perfect. In recent years, leading industries such as automobiles and parts, biomedicine and life and health, new-generation information technology, and high-end equipment manufacturing have been formed. It has successfully created a national ecological industry demonstration park, a national low-carbon industry demonstration park, a national recycling transformation demonstration park, a national new industrialized automobile industry (parts) demonstration base, and a national marine economic development demonstration zone.

Industry clusters

Automobile and parts industry: It is the leading industry of Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone. The Economic and Technological Development Zone has specially planned and constructed an automobile and parts industrial park of 22.9 square kilometers in the core area. It was recognized by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology as a characteristic industrial cluster of advanced manufacturing industries in Shandong Province, and was included in the second batch of "top ten" industrial "geese formation" clusters in Shandong Province.

Hyundai Motor Core Parts Production Base: Relying on leading projects such as WIA engine and Tandis automatic transmission invested by South Korea's Hyundai Motor Group, the core auto parts industry has been formed. There are more than 40 Korean-funded, Japanese-funded, European and American and private enterprises (26 enterprises above designated size), with a total investment of 3.3 billion US dollars. Hyundai Motor Group directly invested 2.627 billion US dollars to build 5 projects including Hyundai Wia Automobile Engine, Hyundai Tandis Automatic Transmission, Hyundai Auto Mould, Hyundai Tandis Axle, and Hyundai Kefik Automotive System, becoming Hyundai Motor's largest overseas core parts production base. The China-Korea (Rizhao) International Cooperation Park, which is mainly based on the production base of Hyundai's core components, was successfully approved as the first batch of international cooperation parks in Shandong Province.

Great Wall Motor's Rizhao Weiyi vehicle production base: Great Wall Motor's Rizhao vehicle and R&D center project covers an area of more than 2,000 acres. It mainly builds four major process workshops for stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly, as well as key parts factories such as chassis, interior and exterior trim, seats, etc., and builds test tracks , finished product warehouse and other ancillary facilities. It mainly produces WEY series products, the high-end SUV brand of Great Wall Motors, to achieve a breakthrough in the complete vehicle project in the development zone. Relying on the aggregation and driving ability of complete vehicle projects, 7 Great Wall Motor's independent investment supporting projects have been signed, including chassis, interior and exterior trim, and seats.

Biomedicine and big health industry: It is an emerging industry that is vigorously cultivated by Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone. In accordance with the development concept of "innovation and upgrading, shared development, circular economy, and organic ecology", a spatial layout of "two parks" for coordinated development is built. The "two parks" are the Biomedical Technology Industrial Park (Rizhao Biochemical Industrial Park) and the High-end Medical Device Industrial Park. At present, there are more than 20 projects under construction in the biomedicine and general health industries in the park, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan.

Biomedical Technology Industrial Park: The planned area is 8.28 square kilometers. At present, Xinglian Pharmaceutical, Zhengji Pharmaceutical, Jiejing Group, Balot Pharmaceutical, Kechao Bio, Yuantai Bio and other enterprises have gathered. It has baloxavir, alectinib, lavmidine, benfluorenol and other competitive chemical APIs and preparations, as well as marine organisms and high value-added biological manufacturing product such as fucoxanthin and nisin.

High-end Medical Equipment Industrial Park It is adjacent to Futuan River National Wetland Park in the east, Kuishan Sports Apartment in the west, and close to the industrial neighborhood center of the zone. It is planned to focus on the development of high-end medical equipment, biomedical engineering, biomedicine and high-end health service industries. At present, it has settled in high-quality projects such as Kindly Medical Equipment, Tianguang Bio, and Yiwei Jianhua Exosomes, and has medical devices products such as cardiovascular interventional medical devices, wash-free immunodiagnostic reagents, exosome technology innovative drugs and supporting detection reagents.

New generation information technology industry: It is an emerging industry cluster that Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone has focused on fostering and building in recent years. It has initially formed an integrated circuit industry chain represented by Kruite, Weiyixiang, Airui Optoelectronics, etc. ,the intelligent manufacturing industry chain represented by , Canny Youlan Robot, Giant Intelligence, and Chuangze Robot, and the new display industry chain represented by Dongxu New Materials, Aimango, and Huawangxin.

The Electronic Information Industrial Park mainly builds 300,000 square meters of standardized workshops, park service centers, electronic information industry buildings and talent apartments to meet the functional needs of electronic information industry incubation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, electronic testing, pilot research, assembly and production, etc. , Enterprises can move in for production and office at any time.

The new generation information technology innovation park has a total construction area of about 420,000 square meters. It builds park service centers, standardized workshops, business hotels, independent research and development, business incubation centers, expert apartments, etc.

The total construction area of the New Infrastructure Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industrial Park is about 250,000 square meters, with 1 comprehensive service building, 3 independent R&D buildings and underground garages, 6 corporate headquarters buildings, 8 independent R&D buildings, standardized workshops, underground garages, etc.

Investment demand

Focus on the auto parts manufacturing industry, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the biomedical industry, and the new-generation information technology industry to carry out investment promotion activities.

The high-end equipment manufacturing sector mainly undertakes high-end auto parts, complete sets of equipment manufacturing projects and foreign-funded equipment projects.

Biopharmaceutical industry sector, undertake industrialization projects such as high value-added pharmaceutical preparations, new biological materials, high-end cosmetics, high-end health food; introduce in vitro testing and diagnostic products, medical equipment and other medical device companies; introduce genetic engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering enterprises, such as small nucleic acid drugs, peptide drugs, stem cells, vaccines, etc.; and introduce sea biological enterprises of marine drugs, marine bioengineering, and high-end marine food, etc..

The new-generation information technology sector, focus on building industrial chains such as integrated circuits, new displays, intelligent manufacturing, high-end motherboards, and high-end electronic components. Build a new generation information technology industry ecosystem based on chip design and manufacturing, intelligent terminals, high-end motherboards, high-end electronic components production, and led by artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and cloud computing services, and form a new generation information technology industry cluster with complete supporting facilities, innovative systems, beautiful environment and distinctive industrial characteristics.

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