Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Zone profile

Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in 1992 and was upgraded to a state-level economic and technological development zone with the approval of the State Council in March 2010. It is the first national-level development zone in the Yellow River Delta region. There are 335 "four top" enterprises, 115 industrial enterprises above designated size, 108 high-tech enterprises, and 111 enterprises with an output value exceeding 100 million yuan. It has been rated as National High-tech Industry Standardization Demonstration Zone, National Copper and Copper Material Industry Famous Brand Demonstration Zone, National Circular Economy Standardization Demonstration Zone, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Zone, and the 5th “National Civilized Unit”.

Industry Base

Adhere to the concentrated development of industries, lay out the construction of five functional industrial parks, and implement the operation mechanism of "one industry, one platform, one team, and one fund".

New Material Industrial Park: Build three "parks within a park", including rare earth catalytic materials, functional ceramic materials, and alumina fibers, to give play to the agglomeration and driving function of national rare earth catalytic research institutes, strengthen innovation drives, extend industrial chains, and promote the development of new material industry clusters.

Transportation equipment manufacturing industrial park: build "parks in a park" for rail transit, automobiles and parts, medical equipment, etc., build a characteristic rail transit industry cluster, build a full-chain automobile industry manufacturing system, and build an innovation platform for high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing.

Guangli Port Industrial Park: Focus on the development of maritime equipment manufacturing, marine biology, new materials, warehousing and logistics and other port industries, and accelerate the integrated development of port-industry-city integration.

Airport Industrial Park: Relying on COMAC Civil Aircraft Flight Test Base, Beihang Dongying Research Institute, and Aviation Navigation and Flight Calibration Test Base, focus on the development of industries such as air transportation, aerospace manufacturing, and airport services.

Yuelai Lake Science and Education Innovation Park: Integrate functional blocks such as University Science and Technology Park, CLP Optics Valley Future City, Software Park, Internet Industrial Park, Financial Port, etc. to promote the aggregation of innovation elements, cultivate an excellent innovation ecosystem, and form a highland of scientific and technological talents that is resource-intensive and radiates the whole city.

Industrial system

Centered on the two major directions of emerging cultivation and transformation and upgrading, focus on the development of new materials, transportation equipment manufacturing, aerospace and other leading industries, accelerate the development of modern service industries, and build a modern industrial system with distinct characteristics and core competitiveness.

New material industry: It has 22 industrial enterprises above designated size, and has introduced a national rare earth catalysis research institute. It is the largest production base of high-end nano-scale electronic ceramic materials in China and the largest production base of carbon fiber materials in China. It aims to become a new material industry cluster of 100 billion yuan.

Transportation equipment manufacturing industry: Introduced the Bochum (China) Rail Transit Industrial Park project, build a whole industrial chain of high-speed rail wheels of "material-axle-wheel-wheelset", break foreign monopoly and realize the localization of high-speed rail wheels. CRRC Zhaoyuan is the largest magnet wire supplier of CRRC Group. It has the production capacity of sedans, SUVs, pickups, new energy vehicles, gearboxes, wheels, brake pads and other parts.

Aerospace industry: alignment with and implement the national strategy of domestic large aircraft and Beidou navigation, introduce high-end manufacturing and service formats such as aviation maintenance, aviation manufacturing, airport logistics, Beidou navigation application, etc., build Shandong North Wing Airport eonomic center and the largest civil aircraft test flight base in China.

Modern service industry: Develop airport and port logistics, lay out and build regional logistics headquarters centers; strengthen emerging industries such as modern finance, technology services, and cultural creativity, and promote the expansion, growth and quality of modern service industries. The Fuqian Street cluster area and the Juzhou Road modern service industry cluster area will be built, where 23 banks and more than 100 financial institutions will be gathered, and service industries such as CEC Optics Valley Dongying Future City, Financial Port, and Xintiandi Maker Town will be introduced and constructed,and it is the headquarters economic gathering area and high-end commercial center of Dongying City.

Investment demand

Enterprises of non-ferrous metals, wind power related industries (such as submarine cables), new material industries (such as rare earth, titanium, copper foil, etc.) etc..

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