Weihai Comprehensive Bonded Zone

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Zone profile

As a special customs supervision area, Weihai Comprehensive Bonded Zone is one of the special open areas with the highest level of openness, the most preferential policies, the most complete functions and the most simplified procedures in China except the free trade pilot zone. The planned area of the park is 2.25 square kilometers, which is divided into two blocks, north and south. Block 1 (north area) is located in the Economic Development Zone, which is the closed area of the original Weihai Export Processing Zone (closed and operated in 2001), with an area of 0.88 square kilometers; Block 2 (south area) is located near Weihai International Airport, and it is a newly established area, with a customs closed area of 1.37 square kilometers and an industrial supporting area of 2.05 square kilometers.

Industry cluster

Weihai City has a strong industrial foundation and is one of the key cities in the high-end industrial cluster of Jiaodong Peninsula. There are 20,000 industrial enterprises of various types, including nearly 1,900 enterprises above designated size and 16 listed companies. It is China's largest production base for fishing gear, tires, medical polymer products, woodworking machinery, and carpets, an important production base for laser printers, fax machines, special printers, small and medium-sized motors and ships in China, and is a national-level foreign trade transformation and upgrading base for aquatic products, bedding and ships. As a new highland of Weihai City's opening up to the outside world, Weihai Comprehensive Bonded Zone focuses on cultivating cross-border e-commerce full-industry chain enterprises, commerce and logistics enterprises, and advanced manufacturing enterprises.

Investment Environment

PPP project of infrastructure and public service facilities in Weihai Comprehensive Bonded Zone: The total investment is 2.14 billion yuan, covering a total area of 1,042 mu and a total construction scale of 450,000 square meters. The construction contents mainly include bonded workshops, bonded warehouses, China-Korea commodity distribution centers, talent apartments, non-bonded logistics centers, and international commodity exhibition and trading centers. Various industrial projects will realize out-of-the-box occupancy.

Available resources in the north area of Weihai Comprehensive Bonded Area: At present, the available land in the area is about 150 mu, and the available workshop area is 76,900 square meters. There are second- and third-level industrial land in the area, including about 20 mu of land in stock by the district management committee, and about 105 mu of other transferable land. The transferable part of the available plant in the north area is about 6,000 square meters, which belongs to Huadu Pallet Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Qiaoxiang Group Industrial Park. Idle factories such as CITIC Industrial Park are attracting foreign investment by leasing. Among them, the idle factories in CITIC Industrial Park are 62,000 square meters, and there are 11 five-story frame factories. The sewage pipe network, water pipe network and rainwater pipe network in the park are all fully equipped. There is a permanent power supply facility of 80KVA in the park. The underground heating pipes have been laid, and they can be opened at any time in coordination with the heating company. There is property management in the park, and security guards patrol 24 hours a day. The environment is clean and elegant, and the transportation is convenient.

Talent Demand

Professional and technical personnel and senior management personnel of international trade, advanced manufacturing, modern logistics, cross-border e-commerce and other leading industries in the region that can play an active role in the process of high-quality development of key investment projects, urgently needed talents with outstanding achievements and contributions, and high-level talents who have invested and started businesses in the zone and meet certain conditions.

Leading industry

Based on the city's resource endowment and industrial foundation, combined with the actual construction and development of the park, adhere to the 4211 park development idea, that is, cultivate four major formats of "international trade, modern logistics, cross-border e-commerce, and advanced manufacturing".

Cultivate leading industries of cross-border e-commerce. A full-mode cross-border e-commerce industrial park with a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan and an area of more than 1,000 mu has been planned. The multi-mode cross-border e-commerce industrial center project of the park has been successfully listed as a provincial key project, and has been selected into the cultivation list of service industry characteristic towns in Shandong province. . During the year, the multi-mode cross-border e-commerce business such as 1210 import and 9610 import and export was successfully launched, and the cross-border e-commerce re-export business was first opened in Shandong.

Policy support

(1) It is planned to build 120,000 square meters of talent apartments, and high-level talents who come to the zone to start businesses or full-time innovations will be given housing subsidies such as rental subsidies and free accommodation.

(2) Referrer Rewards

1. For projects (enterprises) that have been successfully introduced and recognized by the Management Committee, domestic-funded projects with a physical workload of more than 500 million yuan (inclusive) or foreign-funded projects with an actual payment of more than 50 million U.S. dollars (inclusive) and which have started operation will be given a one-time reward at the rate of 1.5%.

3. Successfully introduced projects (enterprises) recognized by the Management Committee, the physical workload of domestic-funded projects is 30 million yuan (inclusive) to 200 million yuan or the actual credit amount of foreign-funded projects is 5 million (inclusive) to 30 million US dollars and for those that have started operation, a one-time reward will be given at a rate of 0.6%.

4. Successfully recommended asset-light projects such as funds, headquarters, and trade, and if the local level contribution is 1 million to 5 million yuan (inclusive) in the first tax year, a one-time 8% of the contribution will be given to the referrer; if it exceeds 5 million yuan, 10% of the contribution will be given to the referrer as a one-time financial support.

5. Successfully introduced projects invested by the world's top 500 companies (subject to the list published by the US "Fortune" magazine in the previous year of project registration) and domestic top 500 companies (subject to the list published by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneurs Association in the previous year of project registration) , 1.5 times of the above-mentioned standard shall be implemented, but shall not exceed the upper limit of project support funds.

Investment demand

Cross-border e-commerce full-industry chain projects: The Weihai Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee has planned a cross-border e-commerce industrial park to attract investment for cross-border e-commerce, supply chain finance, warehousing, logistics, payment, channel services and other full-industry chain projects.

Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park Project: 44,000 square meters are planned to be constructed outside the closed customs area, 150,000 square meters are reserved in the closed customs area, and modern workshops and warehouses suitable for different enterprises are planned to be built in the bonded processing and bonded warehouse block, to meet the needs of enterprises to settle in easily.

Project of International Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center: It is planned to build a 39,000-square-meter International Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center with four floors, three above ground and one underground. The semi-basement floor is mainly underground garage, and the first floor is a large exhibition space. There is a large exhibition hall of 1,500 square meters in the east and west respectively, which can be divided into several small exhibition halls, and can also be divided into several small commercial areas when there is no exhibition. The second and third floors are office areas. It is planned to introduce professional market development enterprises with strong financial strength and rich market development experience to participate in the planning and operation of the Bonded Exhibition and Trade Center in the Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

The transformation and upgrading project of available resources in the north area: the transferable part of the available factory buildings in the north area is about 6,000 square meters, including 62,000 square meters of idle factory buildings in CITIC Industrial Park, with a total of 11 five-storey frame factories. The sewage pipe network, water pipe network and rainwater pipe network in the park are all fully equipped. There is a permanent power supply facility of 80KVA in the park, and the underground heating pipes have been laid. The park has property management and 24-hour security patrol, and enjoys a clean and elegant environment and convenient transportation.

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