Jinan Innovation Zone

Source: 03-01-2022 18:21:27

Jinan Innovation Zone is one of the first national high-tech industrial development zones approved by the State Council in March 1991. With a total area of 291 square kilometers and a permanent population of over 400,000, it is divided into four areas: Central Area, High-tech East Area, High-tech North Area, Zhangjin Area. It is also a national independent innovation demonstration area of Shandong Peninsula approved by the State Council.

Jinan Innovation Zone has tremendous strength in sci-tech innovation. A number of research institutes, including CAS Jinan Sci-tech City, Shandong Institutes of Industrial Technology, Shandong Research Institute of Industrial Technology, Shandong Institute of Advanced Technology, CAS and Suzhou Institute of Biological Engineering and Technology, CAS, have settled in the zone. Technological support platforms, including National Supercomputer Center in Jinan, Inspur High-performance Computing Center, National Comprehensive Platform for New Drug R&D Technologies, Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology, and Public Technology Platform for Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing of Shandong Province have been established in the zone, and the zone has obtained intellectual property rights for independent core technologies up to world top standards in fields such as high-performance server, big data development and application and quantum communication.

Key Parks

Jinan Innovation Zone has six parks: QiluSoft Park Development Center, High-tech Venture Service Center, Life Science City Development Center, Intelligent Equipment Industry Development Center, Airport Economic Zone Development Center, Financial Investment Project Development Center, as well as a number of national bases, including National Software Export and Innovation Base, Service Outsourcing Demonstration Base, Game and Animation & Cartoon Industry Base, Integrated Circuit Design Industry Base, National Innovative Drug Incubation Base, Overseas High-level Talent Innovation & Entrepreneurship Base, Innovation Talent Cultivation Demonstration Base of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dream Innovation & Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Chinese and National Expert Service Base.

Leading Industries

Jinan Innovation Zone has a complete range of industries. It has focused on three leading industries: next-generation IT, equipment manufacturing and biomedicine, leveraged its advantage as a strong provincial capital, expanded and strengthened two major modern service industry clusters: data and information services, financial and tech services, and developed strategic emerging industries such as quantum technology, human capital, blockchain and cyberspace, medicare and commercial spaceflight. By late 2021, there had been over 270 research institutes at or above the provincial level, over 1,600 high-tech enterprises, as well as 120 listed enterprises (including 98 NEEQ-listed enterprises) in the zone.