Tai’an High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Source: 03-01-2022 18:21:27

Tai 'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone was planned in 1992 and officially established in 1994. It was approved as a provincial high-tech zone by the provincial government in 1995, and was approved by the State Council as a national high-tech industrial development zone in 2012. It is planned to be the sub-center of Tai'an city, a green ecological new city, and a new industrial technology zone. It is the main battlefield of Tai'an's economic construction and the replacement of old growth drivers, and the main platform of investment and talents attractions.

Leading industry

The leading industries have distinct characteristics. There are more than 7,800 registered enterprises and 87 state-level high-tech enterprises in the zone, accounting for nearly one-third of the city's total. Efforts are made to build a "3+5" characteristic industrial system. "3" refers to the three advantageous industries of power transmission and transformation equipment, mining equipment, automobiles and parts. It is the characteristic industrial base of power transmission and transformation equipment of the National Torch Program and the national high-tech industrialization base of mining equipment; "5" refers to the five strategic emerging industries of biomedicine, modern logistics, new generation information technology, new materials, and digital publishing, showing a rapid development momentum.

The biomedical industry is developing rapidly, covering four fields of biopharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicines, chemical drugs, and medical devices.

The rise of the modern logistics industry is accelerating, and projects such as Fengsong Logistics, Singapore Lobb Heng International Logistics, and China Logistics Tai'an Industrial Park have been completed and put into operation. Among them, Fengsong Logistics is the first batch of national pilot enterprises for car-free carriers determined by the Ministry of Communications;

The electronic information industry represented by the new generation of information technology is ready to develop. Relying on Zhongzhi Electronics Company, we have built the Tai 'an Cloud Computing Center and jointly established the agricultural big data technology innovation strategic alliance with Shandong Agricultural University and Fudan University, etc. The Shennong Zhigu Big Data Industrial Park, which is under construction, is committed to building a big data industry highland, and actively promoting strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign industry giants such as Tencent, Huawei, and Microsoft;

The new material industry is developing rapidly. Metal precision deep processing enterprises such as Daming International and Shengde Daye are developing with a strong momentum. The construction of Taishan Composite Materials Research Institute and industrialization base is accelerated, and a number of new material projects are incubating and growing.

Related policy

"Several Policies of Tai'an High-tech Zone on Promoting Investment and Talent Attraction"

Article 7 Supporting foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises (platforms) For foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises (platforms), when the net increase of import and export trade volume in the year is less than US$200 million, a support of 50,000 yuan will be given for each net increase of US$5 million; When the net increase of import and export trade volume exceeds US$200 million in that year, for each net increase of US$5 million for the excess part, a support of 60,000 yuan will be given.