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Qingdao Bonded Port Heze Inland Port Project

Project Industry Foundation (or Project Background):

The scale effect of logistics enterprises around the project area is not obvious, and the level of logistics is relatively low. The construction of bonded logistics center (B) will fill the gap that there is no bonded logistics business in the area. Heze Inland Port Project is closely linked with coastal ports such as Qingdao Bonded Port. The development mission of Heze Inland Port Project is to "build inland ports, step into free trade zones, and build a new pattern of Shandong's opening up". It introduces port functions into inland areas and extends the entire port industrial chain inland. It can directly implement customs declaration, inspection, warehousing, and shipping services in inland areas. It fundamentally optimizes the customs clearance environment in Heze and surrounding areas, provides standardized one-stop customs clearance logistics services, and greatly improves the efficiency of enterprises.


The total construction area is 750,000 square meters, including 240,000 square meters in the south port area, mainly for the construction of bonded fence area building, customs clearance and inspection room, supervision station management room, bonded warehouse cold storage, etc. The north port area has a construction area of 510,000 square meters, which is mainly used to build enterprise headquarters bases, incubators and big data centers. After the project is built and put into operation, the annual throughput can reach 300,000 TEUs, and 2,000 import and export enterprises can be accommodated for customs declaration. At present, the construction of the comprehensive service center, the main body of the customs supervision center and the temporary facilities of the storage center(B type)have been completed.

Market Potential (or Benefit Analysis):

After the completion of the project, the annual sales revenue will reach RMB 1.52 billion, of which the profit and tax will reach RMB 380 million.

Project Contact \Contact number:

Wang Xingwen and Liu Fuhai    0530-6226266    

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