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Fenghuanggu Pastoral Complex Project


By the end of December 2018, the project has completed investment of nearly RMB 141 million yuan, with total assets of RMB 121 million yuan and estimated total investment of RMB 5 billion yuan, mainly invested in the infrastructure construction of the Park, wine castle, supporting facilities, grape seedling purchase and cultivation, wine production equipment, and pastoral complex (landscape water system, reception center, resort hotel, parking lot, North Road of the Park, summer rearing center, residential quarters, etc.). The estate has planted more than 800 mu of grapes, including more than 600 mu of wine grapes, varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, noble fragrance, tobacco 73, Merlot, Moldova and so on. Fresh grapes occupy more than 200 acres, with the varieties of giant peak, Fujiminori, Princess rose, ruby, summer black, goldfinger, giant rose, red balado, Yongyou, Weike, and so on. There are 30 mu of vegetable shed picking garden, completed office area of 1,200 square meters that is of the wooden structure; manor enclosure has been basically completed, the road is basically smooth; the office and reception conditions are met initially, laying a solid foundation for the next step to speed up development, scientific development. The Park is initially divided into seven functional areas, namely: Grape planting area, agricultural picking and sightseeing area, chateau production and storage display area, ecological water scenic area, tourism reception area, cultural and leisure catering entertainment area, logistics supporting living area. The total investment of the project park is planned to be RMB 5 billion yuan. The chateau covers an area of about 2,011.45 mu, of which about 783 mu is planned for construction. The project construction contents include: 1. Brewing workshop, wine cellar and R&D center project; 2. Park greening promotion project; 3. Resort project; 4. Landscape water system project; 5. Parking lot, Visitor Reception Center and North Gate of the Park; 6. A comprehensive supporting international Healthcare & elderly care center integrating old-age care, health maintenance, vacation and tourism. 1. Brewing workshop, wine cellar and R&D center project: This project uses Cabernet Sauvignon grapes as raw materials to brew dry red wine, dry peach red wine and semi-dry peach red wine. The aim of the product is to distinguish itself from other wine products in Jinan by its natural color, pleasing to the eye, fruity aroma, harmonious aroma, balanced palate, delicate, supple, medium-bodied, distinctive local style and "Jinan flavor". After the completion of the project, the wine aroma quality fermentation control technology with independent intellectual property rights was obtained, and the Technical Specification for Jinan Mountain Wine Fermentation was compiled. Develop high-end wine products, the quality of products meet or exceed GB 15037-2006 and other standards, and compile indicators higher than the national standard of enterprise standards; 1-2 patents for inventions. It is estimated that after the completion of the project, the annual output of the manor wine will be 200,000 litres, about 260,000 bottles, and the annual sales income will be RMB 50 million yuan, the total annual tax revenue will be RMB 10 million yuan, and the annual net profit will be RMB 10 million yuan. 2. Park greening promotion project: Construction Content: Overall greening and upgrading in the park; 3. Holiday Inn and Residential Hostel: The project has entered the feasibility study phase. Upon completion, the hotel will receive 300-500 people per day for catering and accommodation. 4. Parking lot, Visitor Reception Center, North Gate Project of the Park, Landscape Water System Project: Landscape water system landed this year. At present, it is applying for the "Five Small Water Conservancy Projects", and the implementation plan has been improved and submitted step by step. After the completion of the landscape, water system and water projects, the park has an annual reception capacity of 800,000 visitors, with an annual income of 50 million yuan. It make our due contribution to the economic and social development of our city; 5. A comprehensive supporting international Healthcare & elderly care center integrating old-age care, health maintenance, vacation and tourism: It is planned to build a pension center with a total construction area of more than 800,000 square meters and a volume ratio of 1.3. At present, a professional company has been established jointly with Jinan Culture & Tourism Development Group to construct Shandong Fenghuanggu Ruibang Vineyard Pastoral Complex in an all-round way.

Market Potential (or Benefit Analysis):

This project is a key product upgrading plan for the Gold Seed Enterprise. Within 3 years after the implementation of the Project, the annual operating income will be over RMB 50 million yuan, reaching the level of scale or above. The total annual tax revenue is RMB 10 million yuan; Annual net profit is RMB 10 million yuan; The total assets of the unit reached RMB 100 million yuan. Expected Economic Benefit of Project Achievement: In Phase I, it can produce 200 kilolitres of manor wine, about 260,000 bottles; The sale income was RMB 5.8 million yuan. The total annual tax revenue is RMB 10 million yuan; Annual net profit is RMB 10 million yuan. The project results support the implementation of the wine production link of the unit, realize the complete integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and create 50 new employees. In Phase II (2020), the scale will be expanded to 500 kiloliters, the land will be sorted out in the park, the planting area of grapes will be expanded by 300 mu, the annual sales income will reach RMB 100 million yuan, the total profits and taxes will reach RMB 40 million yuan, and 50 more people will be employed.

Project Contact \Contact number:

Zhao Ruyuan         13475955520

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