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The elaborate "Family Dinner" in Shandong brought the Son of the City back

2019-11-14 16:06

On September 19, Dazhong Daily published a report titled "Son of the Province" Returned Shandong to Sign a Bill Worth Nearly RMB 40 Billion, wherea detail is quite impressive.

Why does "The Son of the City" like hometown so much? At the late stage of negotiations on the Peony Garden cooperation project, the two sides had some disagreements on the details of the contract, and the President of Hangzhou Sunnystone Landscaping Group, along with his team, went to Heze for further negotiation. Gao Rongguo, Vice Mayor of Heze City, called together all Department Heads and Legal Personnel related to the Peony Garden project and said: "All disputed clauses must be settled today and no one is allowed to go back until this problem is solved. After all, their team flew all the far way and took the bus, arrived at 4:00 am." Later, the two sides put forward their respective viewpoints and solutions from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and the Legal Department reviewed the specifications overnight. Early the next morning, they finally signed the cooperation agreement.

The "Family Dinner", the 12-hour consultation and overnight review of the specifications from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., was organized in a timely manner, to satisfy all the customers, with full contents and sincerity.

The elaborate "Family Dinner" was also praised by the "Son of the City". "I have witnessed Heze's ambition and the hope of taking off from this."

The nostalgia and dream will never fail to bring the Son of the City back. What Heze did not only made the "Son of the City" feel the strong nostalgia, but also opened up their eyes to the hope of realizing their dreams.

On the one hand, recruiting local talents to return home for entrepreneurship and building a "Strong Magnetic Field" to attract talents have long been an important means to build talent horizons all over the country, and the intensity and methods are dazzling. On the other hand, sincerity must be put first to bring the Son of the City back, otherwise, deep nostalgia will never be able to call back the Son of the City traveling in distant parts.

In April 2018, Shandong issued Opinions on Managing Support of the Conversion of New and Old Kinetic Energy by Talents. This upgraded version of Shandong's talent policy puts forward 20 breakthrough measures from 7 aspects, including talent project, talent introduction and utilization mechanism, talent training and development mode, innovation and entrepreneurship carrier, talent ecological environment, organization and leadership, etc, also known as "20 New Policies for Talents" with high gold content, strong pertinence and support. As the new policies clearly propose, to implement the "Qilu Talent Gathering Program",?the attraction of hometown and policy can be used for more Shandong talents to return to Shandong for innovation and entrepreneurship.

With the provincial top-level design, all areas can follow-up as soon as possible. For example, in capital Jinan, following the policies of "30 New Policies for Talents" and "20 New Policies for Universities", Jinan issued Several Policies on Supporting the Development of Talents' Innovation and Entrepreneurship on September 2. The New Policies for Talents can be called the greatest effort in Jinan's history, indicating that Jinan has drawn a map of "Qilu Talents" to realize dynamical knowledge of the distribution of outstanding talents of Shandong and Jinan ethnicity globally. In addition, the cooperation with key universities shall be strengthened for organizing "Jinan Special Alignment Meeting for Shandong Graduates from Key Universities".

The policy of talent attraction can be described as blossom everywhere. In addition, cities in Shandong are featured by their own local conditions and customs, and the special recipes prepared for "Son of the City" are different therefore.

In the report 61 Guangrao University Students Back to Hometown for 'Employment' published by the Dazhong Daily, Guangrao county provided the following Family Dinner for the "Young Man" with great expectations: 61 Guangrao university students returned to hometown for social practice activities of "Homecoming" during the summer vacation, and felt the changes in hometown closely in different positions such as government agencies, institutions and enterprises.

In this report, "Guangrao County has 3,000 undergraduates every year, but less than a quarter of them return to Guangrao for employment". Qi Lili,?the Secretary of the Party Committee of?Guangrao County, said that Guangrao county had planned and organized the event to guide graduates out of the city to return to hometown for employment, to lay a good foundation for the county's "Recruiting Talents and Absorbing Wisdom" work, and to lay a good foundation for college students to adapt to society in advance.

Look, Guangrao County has already gained the benefits due to first trying for these potential talents, tailoring this activity for college students. In addition, it has solved the problem of less contact at ordinary times and beautified the key factor of nostalgia.

It is believed that it is not a single case of Guangrao County in the whole province. As statistics show, Shandong has been a province with a net outflow of talents. Various talents can be connected through nostalgia with arrangement and planning in advance. And they can update the knowledge of hometown and strengthen confidence of its development with removal of?asymmetric information?by?field trip. In this case, this practice serves as a delicacy in this Family Dinner.

After combing the information, the reporter noticed that Guangyao's "Family Dinner" is not "Sole" for the talents from college students.

The local government of Binzhou has made full use of big data to enter more than 15,000 outstanding Binzhou senior students into the data system through summer social practice activities, and more and more talent information is still being collected. During the subsequent study period of these young students, Binzhou will maintain communication with them through the service platform of information management, online and offline communication platform, platform for college students' home internship employment and entrepreneurship and flexible service platform for special needs, thus accurately meeting the needs of talents in hometown, and attracting them to go back for employment and entrepreneurship.

Well, the "Family Dinner" is filled with abundant happiness all the time.

The report, titled More than 10 Ecdemic Daughters-in-Law and Sons-in-Law Lived in Gengdian Village - couples of ‘Second Generation of Greenhouse’Came Back to Village With Greater Happiness issued by Dazhong Daily on September 11, said "In the view of Liu Baixinag, greenhouse in Gengdian Village brings happiness for it not only means more income, but also means companionship with my wife and kid."

An abundant "Family Dinner" is essential for the Sons of the City to come back, who are likely to expect to realize homecoming and dream at the same time from this "Family Dinner". (Reporter Liu Jiangbo)




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