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Overview of Heze

2019-04-11 16:57


Heze is located in the southwest of Shandong Province, bordering Jiangsu, Henan and Anhui provinces, adjacent to Jining City in the east, Xuzhou City in Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City in Anhui Province in the southeast, Shangqiu City in Henan Province in the south, Kaifeng City in Henan Province and Xinxiang City in the west and Puyang City in Henan Province in the north. It is located between northern latitude 34°39′-35°52′ and east longitude 114°45′-116°25′. It is 157 km long from north to south borders and 140 km from its east to west borders, covering a total area of 12,238.62 square kilometer.

Economic overview

In 2017, the GDP reaches RMB 288 billion with an increase of about 8.6%; the general public budget revenue of local is RMB 18.65 billion, with an increase of 6.1%; the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents is RMB 24,110 and RMB 11,720 with an increase of 9% and 9.5% respectively. The total retail sales of consumer goods in the whole city reaches RMB 165.04 billion with an increase of 9.8% over the same period last year. The industrial system that gives priority to the pillar industry (energy, chemicals, food, wood, textile, machinery, new materials) and 38 industries has been formed, and a batch of state-level and province-level leading enterprises have been sprung up. There are over 5,000 main products, such as petrochemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, rubber accelerator, synthetic board, furniture, clothing, transformer, bearings, tires, arts and crafts.

Administrative planning

Heze City is one of the 17 prefecture-level cities in Shandong Province, with a population of 10.14 million, which ranks the second in the prefecture-level cities of Shandong Province. It takes jurisdiction over seven counties (Caoxian, Chengwu, Shanxian, Juye, Yuncheng, Juancheng, Dongming), two districts (Mudan District, Dingtao District), Heze City Economic Development Zone and Heze High-tech Industrial Development Zone; 168 townships and towns (office); There are 305 urban community committees, 5755 village committees and 10 provincial economic development zones.

Superior location

Heze City is located in the southwest of Shandong Province. Beijing-Jiulong Railway and Xinxiang-Yanzhou-Shijiusuo Railway intersect in the cross, Zhengzhou-Heze-Qufu high-speed railway has been put into the construction. Jinan and Zhengzhou Airport are neighboring in east-west, Heze Airport is under construction. Many expressways intersect in Heze in the shape of British "Union Jack", east of Qingdao, Lianyungang and other ports, west of the Central Henan Urban Agglomeration, north of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei; it borders on Henan, Jiangsu and Anhui in the south, and so it is called "the middle of China". Within 200 km, there is a huge market of more than 100 million people. It is a hub linking the east to west, and connecting the south and north.

Climatic conditions

Heze City has a warm temperate monsoon continental climate with adequate light, four distinctive seasons, the same season of rain and heat, and the climate is pleasant. The frost-free period is about 220 days, the annual average temperature is 13.5 ℃ -14 ℃, the annual sunshine time is 2350.4-2637.5 hours, the average annual precipitation is 652mm, the average relative humidity is 68-72%. There are unique development conditions of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry.




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