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Agricultural Complex Project of Jinan National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Shandong Province


Jinan National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Shandong Province, formerly known as the Shanghe County Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park, was established in 2008 with the overall planning area of 8,126mu. Over the past 10 years, we have always adhered to the goal of taking science and technology as the support, taking the market as the guidance, and driving farmers to increase their income and become rich. Based on the advantages of hot spring resources, high starting point planning, high-standard construction, high-efficiency operation, gradually developed into a hot spring as a feature, with greenhouse flowers, seedlings, vegetables, exhibition tourism economy as the leading industry, the modern comprehensive agricultural park integrates production demonstration, science and technology promotion and leisure tourism, and the overall layout of the park has formed "One Park (Hot Spring Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Park)", two axes (Shangzhong River landscape axis, 248 line landscape axis), three zones (along Xinhu Street fine flower production zone, along Xinxing Street green seedling production zone, and along Binhe Road fruit and vegetable picking zone), four zones (hot spring agricultural leisure zone, hot spring agricultural health maintenance zone, hot spring agricultural sightseeing zone, flower seedling trading zone), five industries (hot spring flowers, hot spring vegetables, hot spring seedlings, hot spring fruits, hot spring aquatic products) development pattern. We have built an accumulative total of 500,000 square meters of geothermal intelligent greenhouses and 300,000 square meters of simple greenhouses, and built the largest production base of Anthurium androsaceum and Phalaenopsis in the north of the Yangtze River, the largest production base of fleshy plants in the country, and the largest production base of hydroponic flowers in the country. He has been awarded the honorary titles of "National AAA Scenic Spot", "Shandong Agricultural Standardization Production Base", "Shandong Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site", "Jinan Entrepreneurship Incubation Base", "Jinan Modern Agricultural Characteristic Brand Base", "Jinan Youth Science Popularization Education Base", "Jinan Agriculture Broadcasting School Teaching Experimental Base", "Jinan Rural Cadre Site Teaching Point" and so on. For three consecutive years, the provincial and municipal flower fairs and agricultural fairs have been successfully held, with a total of RMB1.6 million visitors and RMB5.5 billion worth of commodities traded.

Investment Promotion Direction:

Project area scope: South of Xinhu Street, east of Shangzhong River, north of the Qianshimu, west of Shangzhong Road. North of Xinxing Street and west of Shangzhong Road, except Shandong Xinhe Garden, the rural oasis enterprise covers an area of about 2067mu, of which 828mu is for construction (as shown in the figure); The land to the south of Xinxing Street has been transferred to unused land of about 300mu, Provincial Association for Science and Technology for the Elderly of 90mu in the north, Wangzaijian of 70mu in the west, Dangdehu of 170mu in the east, a total of 730mu, and the total land area of 2,800mu. Investment invitation Investment construction is a rural complex project or a hot spring leisure agricultural tourism project with hot spring as its characteristic, agriculture as its foundation, ecology as its leading factor and tourism as its theme. (1) 660mu of construction land to the west of Binhe Road is used for the construction of hot spring agricultural health resort project. The investment of the project is RMB600 million. Based on the abundant geothermal resources of Shanghe River and the beautiful ecological agricultural environment of the park, the purpose of the project is to provide an ecological health-preserving space for the high-end people and the silver-haired people with health-preserving needs. The project is mainly to build a health management center, health resorts, traditional Chinese medicine health experience center, Mulan anti-aging center and so on. The architectural style of the project is different from that of the hot spring town at 37 degrees north latitude, and the original ecological architectural style with classical charm is adopted. Based on high-end Healthcare & elderly care, taking elegant Chinese style as the keynote, combined row villa and small courtyard as the building form, paying attention to the building method of enclosed villa courtyard with high privacy, combining with the elements of the courtyard, combining the situation, artistic conception and health preservation, and integrating the functions of food and beverage, entertainment, Healthcare & elderly care, leisure sports, leisure, vacation and residence into a health resort. (2) The demolition and relocation plot of ten mu of farmland east of Binhe Road to the rear of Shangzhong Road and the surrounding integration area shall be used for the construction of hot spring leisure research education and tourism project. The total investment for the project is RMB 400 million, it is planned to combine the rich agricultural tourism resources and the long history and culture of Shanghe County with the quality education of young people, the construction includes 24 solar terms agricultural cultural belt, spring ploughing garden, summer paradise, autumn harvest garden, winter leisure garden and healthy town, aiming to build a national youth agriculture, science and technology, research experience-based research tourism complex, and to build a national innovation-oriented education demonstration base and cultural think tank. The project and the hot spring town at 37 degrees north latitude complement and complement each other in functions, and the two are integrated and developed, and promote the tourism of flower fair and agricultural fair, which can quickly pull up the overall framework of the new urban area of South Shanghe County, and create a new business card of South Shanghe County in agriculture, education, culture, tourism and real estate. (3) The land south of Xinxing Street can be used to develop high-end ecological agricultural planting projects such as flowers, vegetables, fruits and seedlings.

Project Contact \Contact number:

Zheng Weixiang         13705442997

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