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Shouguang Binhai (Yangkou) Economic Development Zone

Project Industry Foundation (or Project Background):

The project belongs to Shouguang Yangkou Chemical Industry Park. Shouguang Yangkou Chemical Industry Park is the first batch of chemical industry parks announced by the general office of Shandong Provincial Government (LZBZ [2018] No.12). The total planned area of the park is 19.84 square kilometers, with a built area of 13 square kilometers and complete infrastructure facilities. The industrial orientation of the park is based on petrochemical and salt chemical engineering, with marine fine chemicals and new materials as the development direction, clean energy, organic raw materials and synthetic materials as the main body, forming a high-end fine chemicals industrial base with multi-industry chains and multi-industry clusters, developing a circular economy featuring emerging bittern composite industries, and building a green, safe and efficient chemical industrial base. It is required that the investment intensity of the park projects should not be less than RMB 3.5 million per mu, the investment amount should be more than RMB 300 million, and the average tax revenue per mu should be more than RMB 280,000.


According to the principle of reasonable layout and scale development, the development zone is divided into four functional zones: 80 square kilometers of advanced manufacturing industry zone, 10 square kilometers of port logistics industry zone, 20 square kilometers of marine fine chemical industry zone and 20 square kilometers of eco-tourism industry zone.

Market Potential (or Benefit Analysis):

Shouguang Binhai (Yangkou) Economic Development Zone is located in the northernmost part of Shouguang, Weifang City, on the south of Laizhou Bay, Bohai Sea and at the mouth of Xiaoqing River. It is located in the overlapping position of national strategic "blue and yellow" zones. It was approved and established by Weifang Municipal People's Government in January 2011. The Development Zone covers an area of 883 square kilometers and a core area of 471 square kilometers. It has an integrated operation system with Yangkou Town. Yangkou Town is a national key town with beautiful environment. It is among the first batch of national characteristic towns, the first batch of economically developed town reform pilot towns in Shandong Province, and the first batch of newborn small city pilot towns in Shandong Province.

Investment Promotion Direction:

Focus on the development of advanced manufacturing, processing, new energy & materials; high-end fine chemicals, large-scale warehouse logistics, large-scale equipment manufacturing, new energy, ecological circulation and other industries.

Project Contact \Contact number:

Wang Jinyan        18363600386

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